Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 14.2

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  1. To all: I'll try to post more later tonight as my schedule allows.

    Going to respond to comments now.

  2. Oh my that sounds so crazy, but I think that bet could come back to bite Casear even though he don't mean any harm to Bree by it - Blaine is insane i'm a little scared of him he seems the type to force himself on someone a snake lying in wait of his prey -

  3. Ms. Jo-Jo: All I can say is, Caesar NEVER should have taken that bet. As for Blaine, Leesha nicknamed him appropriately.

  4. oooh weeee..... not good.... not good on Caesar's part at all! could expect that from Ricky but sadly not from Caesar... cant wait to see what happens next!

  5. Kim: Remember that shallow side of Caesar that's still lurking around. Also remember that these are MEN. That male pride/ego can be the worst motivator of bad decisions. Trust me, he's going to regret that bet.

  6. i'm thinking (yes that is scary) that was a bad bet - but Bree needs to be focus right now on the case to bring the ranch down so maybe this will put her back on the roll, not that she wasn't but distractions can dangerous! ok i'm going back to work :)

  7. Ms. Jo-Jo: Yes, distractions can be dangerous. No worries though. It'll all work out in the end.

  8. Latrice3:33 PM

    LAWD HAVE MERCY Ceaser done done it. That bet could be a major deal breaker. Good lesson for us though, be careful who you entertain and how you entertain people and things. What you do in a moment can truly affect how you live in the future. And one more thing, what we say can truly affect what we have!

    Ricky on the other hand, we expect that foolishness from him as that's his M.O. And that lame answer he gave about Leesha, and the way he tried to downplay it. OHHHHHHHHHh that just makes me furious!

    Ms Jo Jo - I'm with you on Blaine, he could be a stalker/rapist/SOMETHING????? And what a bold face liar! But hey tht's who he is huh???

    Again Mercedes, SHUT UP!!!!! I wonder if something good will ever come of her because right now, she's a HOT MESS!

    Prina- Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what life was like for Leesha during those days before she left. I was wondering exactly what happened as she was trying to get away. Hopefully we'll get more on that.

  9. I wish Ricky WOULD try and hit Sabrina!!! Pleazzzz!

    betting..... Betting...... BETTTING!!!!! GRRRRRR! And in front of everybody too!!! The only person that does not know that this game is happening is Bree!! Grrrrrr!

    If Caesar had any sense he would run to Sabrina and tell her everything and how he did not intend for things to go the way they did!... See how Mercedes is causing trouble!!! Grrrr!

    Now Blaine wants Sabrina too!!!! NASTY! Victoria need to DROP that little money grubbing liar! He is a leach anyway!

    I said it once, I will say it again! DIS AIN'T SHONEY'S AND SABRINA IS NOT A BUFFET LINE!!!

  10. Did Caesar actually bet on Subrina? Or did he accept the challenge that he was not the only one who wanted her.

    Saying the things he did in front of everyone was a mistake but in his defense he did nothing wrong.

    Subrina is not his woman yet and if another man likes her then shouldn't they be allowed to pursue her?

    Subrina still has the option to shoot them down and that she will with bang.

    Community Girl, Latrice, Ms Jo Jo, Kim and Suprina please take it easy on me. LOL

  11. Latrice12:00 AM

    Paula good points on everything you said and as all of us know, our writer can swoop in at anytime and give us a twist that none of us see coming so ladies let's keep an open mind because as Paula so eloquently said in a nutshell...anything is possible...and might i add in a Suprina Frazier(Michelle Dodson) book!

  12. LOL! Paula, we'll be gentel (giggle). I agree with you that Ceasar did not actually initiate the bet, and I know that it was not his intention at all.

    * But doing nothing... is still doing something
    * and saying nothing... is still saying something

    Caesar's lack of discretion opened the door for the manipulation of others (lesson I am learnig in my own life right now) and his SILENCE was interpreted as agreement, and when things start to escalde as I am sure they will he will probably get lumped in with everyone else.

  13. Latrice: You'll see how Subrina feels about that bet soon enough. As for Ricky, he's typical of reprobate folks, people that don't NEVER want to own up to what they did least not fully. You'll see more about Leesha's final days later in the book.

    Comm/Girl: About Ricky trying to manhandle Subrina, let's just say that she ain't Leesha. And even Leesha tried to fight back towards the end. With Subrina's training, Ricky will have his work out out for him.

  14. Paula: GIRLLLLLL, you made good points. Caesar didn't actually bet at all, but he did allow it to go on around him and he did accept that challenge.

    As for Subrina not being his woman yet, Caesar done already claimed that chick in his heart. It's just a matter of time before he brings that into reality. That's why he's acting so jealous and possessive.

    Was that gentle enough? LOL!

  15. Anonymous4:30 PM

    wow ricky and his dam unlce lost there mind and money too that they think they going to get her because she and cesear are going to happen. thanks for the updated.

  16. Anon: I love that you're rooting for C. Keep it up.