Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 27.2

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  1. More! More! More!...I'm on the edge of my seat too...lol...Girl I need to be studying but this is HOT!!!...Prina you paint a vivid picture with your words and with each story you get better and better...I'll check back soon but back to more studying for these 2 tests in the morning so everybody please pray for me and thanks in advance.

    Be Back soon.

  2. @ Subrina: Our prayers are always with you girl. GOOD LUCK!

    Suprina as Subrina say we all on the edge of our seat wating girl. It is the truth, you getter BETTER and BETTER with every story.


  3. Latrice10:30 PM

    Subrina: We've got you covered in prayer girl.

    Prina: Now the Lord is gonna have to help us. I just be dog gone if you didn't say like cake batter from the bowl- Now that is some serious getting girl! Love it!

    I'm going to bed but I'm going to have to check this darn post first thing in the morning right after I talk to the Lord and ask him again to help us!

    Excellent story line, great word pictures, coming together so well!

  4. Anonymous11:59 PM

    you in my prays and you going to past the test. now on to the story go C is your birthday go C dam man know how to work it. thanks for the updated.

  5. Caesar the MAN - do your thang!!! ok that man not thinking abut stubborn rolls or stretch marks a Real man loves all of you - i like the cake batter saying also - Go Suprina!!!!
    I pray Subrina will do great on her test!!!

  6. Subrina, Paula & Latrice: Thanks for noticing my professional growth. I'm trying to keep growing as a writer, always on the lookout for new ways to get a point across.

    Although I wish I could have gotten them married before they did the DO, I recognize that that isn't every couple's testimony. So instead I sought to make their first time special on another level.

    Latrice: Glad you really liked that cake batter line. lol.

    Trina: Yeah, C was on his job tonight.

    Ms Jo-Jo: You were digging that cake batter line, too? Great! I agree with you about that real man comment.

    PS, Subrina, I pray you do/did well on your tests!