Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 36.4

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  1. That is all until tomorrow evening. Going to respond to comments and then sign off.


  2. Latrice11:06 PM

    Oh Lord, Avalon almost slipped up and called her Sabrina. I truly hope that Caeser will be able to forgive her considering the things she's having to do and say for her undercover assignment.

    That was a good mother/son moment. Good way to show that we can have those close relationships even with our boys.

  3. Latrice: Thank God I have one of those with my son. I'm very grateful. I was wondering if anyone would catch that slip-up. lol.

  4. Anonymous11:37 PM

    hope he can fogive her with all the lie but it won't be easy but he will do it and she will be his wife and baby mama too lol. thanks for the updated.

  5. *sniff sniff* okay now i'm a worry wart again Suprina... that man is so in love with subrina.... *shame shame shame*

  6. Trina: Thanks for keeping the faith, girl. It's going to be a rough one getting to their happy ending.

    Kim: Yes, C really is in love. So is she though. She's just not so quick out the gate as him.