Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 43.4

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  1. That's all for this chapter and for today.

    Coming up next:
    ~Their first dinner as boyfriend and girlfriend.
    ~Avalon's reaction to their relationship.

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I think mom would be happy for them but upset because she know she working on a case and that her son going to be hurt for all the lies she had to tell. dam C put it on her lol. thanks for the updated.

  3. Trina: You'll see Avalon reaction on tomorrow. Parts of it are written, but I'm still mapping out the rest in my head.

  4. Latrice8:22 PM

    Prina, thank you for that Jamie overdose you know I went into straight holler mode with lifted hands when I read that I'm about to overdose you line! I LIKES IT! Clapping!

    They put it on each other so sweetly-nicely done prina, we got the "picture" on the movie screen of our minds real good!

    Can't wait to see how Avalon will handle this considering she really knows who Subrina is and why she's really there. So much could happen in this moment? So much could be revealed. Now I'm feeling the suspense of this upcoming moment for real.

    On another note, in their excitement, neither of them have considered what their relationship status will mean for others around them. And who is that MONKEY next door Jon? Now is the fact that this info is about to be in Ricky's hand again going to pose another problem for C and Bree? We know there is that history of trust violation or at least the implication of it anyway.

  5. Latrice: When you told me about those J. Foxx songs and I heard that particular one, I KNEW I had to work it into the story somehow. lol. Thanks so much for hipping me to his other music.

    As for C & Bree, they really don't care who knows about them at this point. They're ready to go public. It's not Ricky they need to watch out for, it's Blaine.

    Jon is a recruiter.

  6. WOW!!!
    Didn't Avalon tell C to take care of his business with Bree away from the P-Ranch?
    I know he couldn't help himself, but boy I think that's gonna come back to haunt them.

  7. Suprina I love your one liner. They are clever and funny. I like it. Your sex scene are classy funny hot and off the chain. So Subrina and Caesar made it offical...good for them!!!!

  8. WOW!

    I am really happy for Caesar and Subrina. Avalon is going to be happy but she will be praying daily that her son can have a forgiving heart when Subrina's mission come to light.

  9. Hot diggidy dog!!! ain't love grand, and yes the movie screen in my mind is on overdrive!! I'm ready to see what trouble blaine is brewing.....

  10. E: Avalon did ask C to do just that. But by now it's clear that he has a tendency to go his own way, although he really did not come to her room for with that intention. When she attacked him, all rules and promises seemed to go out the window.

    Cinquetta: I'm glad you're digging my one liners. lol. In person I can get some good ones in, too, but I'm better at them on paper for some reason. Maybe because I have more time to think about them. lol.

    Paula: I'm about work on Avalon's reaction right now. C is gonna have to have a forgiving heart...eventually if this book is gonna have a HEA. lol.

    Ms Jo-Jo: Yes, love is grand. I got a piece of trouble brewing for Blaine too and not just from Subrina either (spoiler).

    Carmel B: Girl, you're a trip. LOL!