Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 37.3

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  1. I kinda wanted to go take a hot bath myself after writing this post, but I still have one more part to go, so that will just have to wait a little longer.

    Can't wait to see what you guys have to say about this post. Hopefully it sheds even more light on Ricky and Blaine's relationship.

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Wow is all i can say they realy realy has some issues and not even knowing it that they hurting people because the neverl delt with them. thanks for the update.

  3. Latrice8:00 PM

    My Lord Jesus is the first thing that comes to mind after reading this post.

    I knew Ricky and Rebel could possibly be the same person.

    Blaine- there are so many people that have been victimized and like Ricky have never been given any real help nor any real release because someone swore them to secrecy or worse. This definitely sheds some serious light on Blaine's life and even his actions but you gave us even more when you showed us his alter ego. Now although I can't agree with what he wants to do those people, I can certainly understanding how he feels and even the thoughts that he has towards them. It is very difficult to deal with people who have been victimized and never healed but if this post doesn't show us anything else, it should show us that even these people or the people they have become need somebody. Thus you gave him Blaine. Blaine may not be the best but seeing him come to Ricky in that moment gave us a glimpse of something good in him. It may not be much but it still says he's not all bad.

    I'm not getting soft on either of them because they still must reap what they've sowed but it sure does go to show that our past can hurt our future no matter what people may say.

    And this just came to me, hurt and pain is real even if we don't want to admit it or deal with it. It's still real.

  4. Trina: So true about them never dealing with their issues, which causes them to hurt other folks. The same is true in real life. Wow!

    Latrice: You guessed right about Ricky and Rebel. I'm glad that you saw Ricky and Blaine in another light after this post. That was part of my goal.

    Thanks for that revelation about hurt and pain. Great insight as always!

  5. yip...I agree with Latrice... hurt people inflict hurt on others and yes i definitely see blaine in a different light now... the way he stands by ricky... but ricky needs help desperately... he needs to know that he was a victim of a tragic tragic event... but that he doesnt need to be haunted by that tragedy.... girl my heart goes out to guys who are raped in prison... its at this point that they start the vicious cycle of abuse.... if only they knew that Jesus can heal their pain.... u have no idea how deeply these kind of events affect me... i work right behind 1 of the most gang ridden prisons in cape town... and the documentaries shown on the rape some of these inmates experience is heart breaking....
    rape whether its inflicted upon a girl or a guy is RAPE!!!!

    Perhaps Bree's fake rape can help Ricky in getting over his rape.

    this puts even more into perspective about blaine's personality... the fire cleansing...

    Great post!!!!

  6. Kim: Right now Ricky is not in a place to accept anyone's help but Blaine's. Plus he's supposed to be this great chick magnet/ladies man and so to own up to the fact that he was violated by a MAN would devastate his pride, ego, and reputation. He hasn't even told Caesar about that incident.

    As for that cleansing thing, there is more to IT and Blaine in the posts ahead.