Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 42.1

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  1. Oh Suprina, i'm gonna enjoy beating Blaine down, everytime he look at a prison guard he gonna squirm, and anybody with a name beginning with a J he will fear!!!! Mental trips that people play is just down right wrong on so many levels - been through a few of those Caesar mentioned and it was not a pretty time - now wiser and stronger i'm gonna get some payback on Blaine!!!!!

  2. To all: This is a long chapter, so bear with me.

  3. Ms Jo-Jo: I believe we're ALL going to enjoy your payback on Blaine. LOL!!!!

    As for those pimpology clues I put in this post, I hope other women read them and take heed. I discovered them while doing research for this story and was AMAZED by how many women fall for this mess, me included. I don't like people playing with other folks' minds or their emotions and so thought I might enlighten y'all with these nuggets. Share them at will with ALL your girlfriends.

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I hear you i been played my self thanks for the info. now to the story i so hated that uncle and can't wait to see he get taken down and put on notice big time.
    thanks for the updated.

  5. Trina: I don't like Blaine much myself. lol.

  6. Latrice4:49 PM

    I dare him, I double dog dare him, now I'm ready to pimp slap Blaine! Do we know how many sick individuals really think like this punk that he wants to break someones spirit and really it's all because theirs is broken! I DARE HIM!!!! I know, I'm way in yall!

    I love the fact that Caeser had a ready no for the foolishness Blaine was about to proposed although he had tried those things he was now in a position to give a strong NO and stand on it! Can we do it ladies, can we give a strong NO and stand on it and not be swayed?

    And how is that clown gonna get made at Avalon for calling, he's got issuesssssssss!

    I love it!

  7. Latrice: violent. LOL!!!!

    I completely understand. I can't stand Blaine right about now either, girl.

    Now on to this great revelation you just sprouting. Up until today, I didn't realize that people who wanted to break the spirits of others were really broken themselves. And the stuff that I have yet to reveal about Blaine holds to that truth. The man has been broken for YEARS. Since childhood, in fact. And he has not allowed anyone to put him back together again.

    Can't dwell on that too much, lest I slip up and reveal too many secrets before the time. lol.

    Thanks for the new revelation!

  8. Oh my shattered nerves... this guy is a real snake, some piece of work... downright evil... the need to control people says so much about his personality... he's AFRAID!!! but he's gonna get his real GOOD!!!!

  9. Kim: You got Blaine figured out so well. Girl, you are up on your psychology game.