Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 30.2

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  1. A man like C only comes once in a lifetime...I would be on the phone calling Karianne telling her I'm be patient C because I think you're softening her up...That intensity between them is so strong you can feel it while reading...Applause Prina for those powerful words you're writing.

  2. Subrina: So true. We have to ask God to help us not to miss that man when he does comes around. So many women dog good men out and ruin them for the rest of us. :(

    I smiled about you saying how you would be retiring early if you were the fake Subrina. She probably would, if she didn't have this need to avenge her friend. Right now that need is stronger than the love she's developing for Caesar.

    Thanks for the confidence booster. :)

  3. i just love caesar's wit... he is not prepared to give up on her....when that happens when ur heart tells this is the right person, u fight for them!
    I just feel so sad, he's going to be hurt when this mission is over! Shame man....

  4. Kim: I'm feeling that boy's wit myself. I was timid at first about making C so playful because I wasn't sure if I could pull it off just right. I didn't want him to be a joke, but rather a jokester. So far so good.

    Yeah, there are days of surefire pain ahead for C. It's inevitable. But remember this is a ROMANCE novel, so he will have a HEA (happily ever after).

  5. Latrice7:03 PM

    Don't give up Caeser, we are rooting for you!

    A determination to love is a great thing but we must remember that love is action and looks like Mr. C is about the action!

    I'm glad to see him being such a good friend to Neelam, can't wait to see how that friendship develops even more. Why was he surprised at Neelams' retirement??? Maybe because he knows about Neelams family.

  6. "For a brief moment, I thought so, too,” Subrina admitted. “Now I know that you’re just too immature for me.".... absolute, utter, and complete LOAD OF CRAP! Caesar has his faults true... but the are no more real or serious then Sabrina's faults. So how bout you own up to your real feelings and STOP making this all about Caesar!?

    "The trust has been broken.".... grrrrr! Crap! Crap! Crap!

    @ The REAL Sabrina... "A man like C only comes once in a lifetime...I would be on the phone calling Karianne telling her I'm retiring"..... SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!! THAT IS WHAT I'M SAYING!!!

    @ Kim.... "when that happens when ur heart tells this is the right person, u fight for them!"... disagree a little. Can only fight so long by yourself. Eventually the other person has to fight to. I believe that Sabrina will come around though.

  7. Latrice7:31 PM

    One more thought ladies:

    Sabrina: I agree with you on how men like C seem to only come along once, we must remember that Subrina is on a mission. And how many of us have aborted our missions because we got a man. We have got to remember that we can not abort the mission just because a new person has come on board. This girl has changed her identity, had major surgeries, is now undercover and yes she wants that man but is that worth it.

    Just a thought ladies that we can not abort those things are ordained for our lives because we think we might miss out on something or someone. What we will miss ultimately is our real purpose in life.

  8. @ Latrice..... grumble... grumble... grumble...!!!! :D

  9. Anonymous7:51 PM

    ok can this man get any hotter. he so sweet helping out his friend and wanted to treat S as a queen love it. she might turn him down once but soemthing tells me it not going to last long. thanks for the updated.

  10. Latrice: I'm thrilled that you're rooting Caesar on. I am, too, and I know how the story is going to end. lol.

    Caesar was surprised at the suddenness of Neelam's retirement. He'd been trying to get his friend to quit for the longest and all of a sudden he ups and does it at the drop of a hat. Plus, Neelam is no fool. He knows that Blaine was probably setting him up due to the timing of that recruiting trip. That's another reason he didn't recruit anyone and also quit.

  11. Comm/Girl: I'm going to pull from my own life to address your comments. One of my non-negotiables when I was dating was that if a guy told anyone what we did together (sexually), he was going to get DUMPED immediately.

    I saw that as a direct violation of my trust. See, when I take my clothes off for someone, I need to be able to trust them not to tell folks what I look like naked and what we did together. I have that same expectations for my doctors.

    When a person violates that trust, it shows a lack of maturity and discretion, in my opinion. That's where I had Subrina pulling from.

    Did she overreact to what Caesar said/did for her own hidden purposes? Yes. But she had valid concerns. Plus that brother needs to step his game up in that area. Some things you just don't share with your friends/relatives.

  12. Latrice #2: I wish I'd thought of your second comments, but it was obviously meant for you to say them instead of me. lol.

    It's so true that some women get sidetracked from their purposes/missions in life because of a man. They act like having a man is the end all to everything. I'm NOT going to let that happen to Subrina. She's going to struggle to maintain the balance, but in the end, she is GOING TO FULFILL HER PURPOSE. As such, she will still end up with the man anyway. This may not always be the case in real life, but it will be the case in this story.

    P.S. Even in real life, God gives us double for our trouble. I choose to believe that the sacrifices we make for the purposes He's given us are not in vain.

    Trina: Yes, C is a sweetie for helping his friend out. That's another thing him and Bree have in common.

  13. @ Prina,
    I have no problems with Sabrina having standards. Everyone has standards. What I have a problem with is rejecting someone for standards that you don't even communicate that you have in the first place. How can be mad at someone for breaking a trust that you haven't told them you are trusting them with? You have to KNOW that there is a trust, before you can BREAK a trust.

    I agree Sabrina over reacted. She is holding stuff against Caesar that is just not AWARE is offensive, but he has already demonstrated a WILLINGNESS to learn and a WILLINGNESS to change and grow. In my opinion WILLINGNESS is 99.9% of the battle. So that is why I say that Sabrina is full of CRAP. No one is perfect, and she is using his short comings to as an excuse not to look at herself, and her LACK of WILLINGNESS. If she was not using Caesar as an excuse then she should have just nipped it in the bud right then and said. "There will be no talking about what we do together"... that is all. Finished.

    That is also why I don't think she is appreciative how many people would LOVE to have someone WILLING to change for them. WILLING to grow. WILLING to fight. And she is turning her back on all of that?! She does not know how precious that is! And when you find someone that is WILLING! You hold on to them with all you have! You don't hurt them, and you don't reject them. Even if it comes at an inconvenient time... like the middle of her mission (@ Latrice). True Love is to precious, and to rare a thing! You value it. You find a way! you make it work!

  14. Comm/Girl: This is likely an occasion where we will have to agree to disagree.

    1. Most mature folks understand that you don't discuss intimacy issues without the other person's permission and consent. It's a given in sexual relationships, which means it doesn't always have to be discussed beforehand. In short, a man C's age should KNOW better than to run his mouth about such things. He's not some teenage boy comparing notes with his cousin anymore.

    2. As for Subrina being full of crap, I don't see it that way at all. Right now the girl is doing what she has to hold herself and her mission together. She didn't expect to feel this way about Caesar. It caught her off guard. Now she's trying to find a balance she can live with. Is she stumbling to find her way? Yes, but she'll get there...eventually.

    3. As for Subrina not being appreciative of C's presence in her life and his willingness to change for her, it all goes back to my second point and also her mission. Right now her mission has to be more important than her heart. More important than some man.

    Does she still want this man? Oh yeah! But she can't let having him suddenly become her primary goal for being in Nevada. She has a higher purpose for being there than Caesar. He's one person compared to the dozens of women that need the deliverance she's going to usher into the P-Ranch fold. Like Avalon did by sending that diary, Subrina is having to make some hard choices because someone is going to get hurt no matter which way this thing turns out. Plus, it's not like they both didn't try to warn Caesar away before things ever got to this point.

    4. Finally to address your views on the timing issue. Yes, you shouldn't reject loving someone simply because the timing is wrong. But you do have to know when to ACT on that love.

    Long story short, I married my hubby in the wrong timing. God told me he was the one for me, but that I got him in the wrong season/timing. As a personal friend of mine, Comm/Girl, you know how much I SUFFERED because of the timing issue. So for me, knowing WHEN to act on your feelings is mega important, almost as important as the feelings themselves.

    If you want to discuss this further, email me privately. I don't want to tie up the comment section with our continuous dialogue or distract from the story too much.