Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 40.3

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  1. That's all until Monday. I tried to give you quite a few posts to hold you until then.


    Coming up next:
    ~ Subrina braces herself for her mission to end prematurely.
    ~ She is surprised to find an unexpected ally fighting for her to remain.

  2. "Headboard breaker" I heard you can break slack underneath the bed, move the matress off the bed. I got better one for you putting holes in the wall while you laying(it was more to it) on the bed and the bed was 5 ft from the wall. OHYES!! That can happen but breaking a headboard that's first for me.
    What is significant of this song "Keith Washington’s Kissing You" you mention it at least 4 times in this story. What's up with that.
    Hope Subrina give Caesar the chance to explain before she goes off on him. This time it was not his chidish behavior that got him into trouble. It was all Ricky jealous behavior.

  3. Cinquetta: LOL!!!! I am NOT going to ask how you know all that about headboard breaking. LOL!!!!

    You have successfully discovered the running gag in this story - that Keith Washington song. tee-hee. You'll see what significance it has a few chapters away.

    I have to tell you, I'm a bit more forgiving of Caesar's slip-up this time around. Although he let his anger get the best of him and although he did provoke Ricky's guessing spree by talking about his 'workout', he did not actually SAY anything to incriminate Bree once he got in that no-win situation. In fact, C went out of his way to keep quiet. That showed me that the brotha WAS trying.

    It's easier for me to forgive someone that TRIES not to hurt me, even though the hurt still occurs. But will Bree be as forgiving?

  4. Latrice1:26 PM

    I hope that Bree will be a little bit more forgiving this time since the man really was trying.

    They are not going to fire Bree and I wonder who that ally will be, Victoria???

    I knew that MONKEY was going to blow! I knew Ricky was going to do it. Ohhhhh that made me so mad, I wish they would have let C get a few more in.

    Blaine- while he is very smart, by the way, good info Prina, I didn't know any of that dental preservation info-but Blaine and Ricky are very vain. And did anyone notice that he wasn't too concerned about C at all.

    Restoring order, it is definitely good to know how to restore order quickly even if that restoration came through the likes of Blaine. Sometimes it happens that way.

  5. Latrice: Yep! That monkey blew his top. That's why he got popped in the mouth, too. I REALLY enjoyed writing that part. :D

    Glad you liked that dental tip. I was so excited to learn that little tidbit, though I haven't had to use it in my own life. Hope I never do. I want to keep my grill intact. lol.

    I'm also glad you noticed how Blaine favors Ricky over Caesar. I plan to discuss that 2 chapters from now.

  6. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I hope C is wearing a cup because something tells me he about to get kick in the balls once agian lol. i hope she doesnt' get fried. thanks for the updated.

  7. Trina: You'll see what happens very soon. Stay tuned...

  8. Latrice3:54 PM

    Prina, I thought about this earlier today and had to come back and say I love the slap them into next year and be waiting...with a pistol! I'm going to have to use that! That made me holler!

  9. Latrice: Feel free to use it. I got the inspiration for that quote from you anyway. lol.