Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 20.3

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  1. Sorry for leaving you on a hook, but I simply must rest and tend to stuff in my everyday life. Even so, I'm sure y'all can guess what's about to go down next or rather what's NOT about to go down now that Mama is on the phone. tee-hee.

    Coming up next:
    ~ We find out why Avalon called when she did. Why she's been doing a lot of things lately.

  2. Avalon has impeccable timing heheheheh!

    Ja shame S.... have a good rest hey u must be exhausted...i'm leaving work now so maybe just maybe you'll have another post up tomorrow when i get in....
    have a good day!!!

  3. Kim: Not quite exhausted, but definitely tired. I have to listen to my body when it tells me to stop and rest, which means your comment is the only one I'll get to answer before my rest time. lol.

    Btw, what does, "Ja shame S" mean? You speaking in code or I'm confused, which could be another indication that I'm tired. lol.


  4. OOOh that scene was hot fire! Mom did her blocking so i'm interested to see why she did that hmmm..... hopefully no one else was just passing by and saw that scene also! Suprina get your rest girl!!

  5. "Here, kitty-kitty. Nice, kitty-kitty" shucky ducky quack quack...Suprina you have a extraordianary way of painting a picture and this Subrina was captivated like "Bree" was...WOW Girl your the bomb...Anyway mama choosed a wrong time to call or maybe it was a good thing.

  6. Latrice8:24 PM

    Got to be somebody's business that sucky-face was more like suck, grind, kneed, ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeee that was fire! Somebody call the fire chief because we're going to need all the little engines that could to put that fire out! Write Prina write!!!!!!!!!

    I know you do need to "rest" after that scene! LOL!

    Oh yeah mama blocking for now but she ain't gonna be able to put that torch out that quickly, it may be a delay but definitely not a denial. Can't wait to see her reasoning!

  7. All I got to say "THE ROOF THE ROOF THE ROOF IS ON FIRE WE DON'T NEED NO WATER LET THE MOTHERF## BURN...BURN (LOL)" That kiss was hot explosive off the chain leave no prison kiss. I give you your props YOU know how to descripes a kiss scene. "here kitty kitty" I like was cute!!!
    Get some rest I want to know why momma call when they were about to do horizon rumba.

  8. Lol sorry Suprina.... S is for Suprina...JA - is yes in afrikaans, 1 of our many languages in SA...its almost like dutch/ german, SHAME we normally say when we feel sorry for someone etc:)


    This was HOT!

  10. Ms Jo-Jo: LOLOLOLOL!!! No one else was watching. The client windows are in the front of the building. That designs give Avalon more privacy since she lives a short distance away from the rear of her business.

    Subrina: "Shucky-ducky, quack-quack?" LOLOLOLOL!!!! Girl, that was funny to my soul. Thanks for the compliments.

    Latrice: You're another hilarious one. LOLOLOLOL!!!! "Call all the little engines that could?" Too funny.

    Cinquetta: LOLOLOLOL!!! Okay, now you done went ALL they way back with that one. Girl, y'all on a roll today.

  11. Kim: So THAT's what that means. Got it now. Learned something new today.

    Paula: Yeah, girl. That was hot. Imagine what it's gonna be like when they finally...enuff said. LOL!!!

  12. Anonymous6:14 PM

    dam that hot hot hot and then mom just threw ice all over it lol. i see why she stop it but they can make each other very happy. thanks for the updated.

  13. Anon: Stopping them was for their own good.