Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 37.2

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  1. I'll let y'all decide what the heat level is for this post on a scale of 1 - 10. lol

    In the meantime, here's another nerd moment: Lace really is flammable. Other flammable fabrics include lightweight fabrics and flammable stretch. Thick denim, leather, pleather, and fire treated fabrics are not highly flammable.

    Keep that tidbit in mind, ladies, when shopping for your outer and undergarments.

    Nerd moment over now. Back to the story...

  2. Brace yourselves. A disturbing post about Ricky is up ahead.

  3. Latrice6:27 PM

    Does anybody else want to know just WHAT C said to Bree on that phone??? LOL because Bree took off her panties! Holler!!!!!!!!

    Leaning over the back of the chair- again-I am getting me some daydreams LOL. This boy is the business. Again, he got right to it right quick!

    Went ape- Suprina- I can hear the apes hollering. LOL

    Now for a serious moment- he was doing everything he could to convince her of what they had- how many times do people do this in so many ways,some people use sex, some use gifts or trying to buy someone, others use other methods that can even be harmful to try to prove their point whether the other person agrees or not. Now in this instance we know that Bree really loves C but imagine how it would be if she didn't. Think about all the lengths we are willing to go to prove something to someone, only for them to still not see it. Just a thought.

    C started to realize somethings about bigs are just myths and truly there are some pluses but just wait til he gets to know the real Subrina without the cover. She's even better because she's all true.

    Oh the heat level factor- That's a 27 because it's off the charts!!!!!!! and uhhhhhhhhhh i know they're not through, stop playing Suprina!! LOL.

  4. Latrice: No, they're not through yet, but I had to dip back over to the P-Ranch because something significant is going on over there at the same time.

    No worries. I'll close this chapter out right. Actually C and B continue their night well into the next chapter as well, so this is me slow walking everybody through this night because so many new nuggets and hints have to be revealed in the story from the next 4 or more posts.

  5. Latrice6:35 PM

    I can hardly wait but I'm loving all this great stuff you're right into the story. Can't wait to see what's going on at the P Ranch. Of course it has to be something!

  6. Latrice: It's a BIG something. I should have it posted in another 30 minutes or so.

    Stay tuned...

  7. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Well dam c got some magic she took off the undy off before she got there lol. yeah C put it on her lol thanks for the updated.

  8. Trina: LOL! Caesar had some words for her on that phone tonight. tee-hee.

    Latrice: I'll let you come to your own conclusions about what C said to Bree. Whatever it was made her too hot for her undies. lol!