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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 11.2

Forty-five minutes later, Gavin watched Ruby doze beside him with a satisfied smile on her face. He smiled also, knowing he was responsible for putting it there. He smiled wider when he recalled how fervently she bucked against him. How it towed him over the edge soon thereafter like a tugboat to a large ship.

I think I just found another reason to come back to Blue-eyed Hollow, Gavin realized with a yawn.
A gorgeous, wild, and adorable freckled-faced reason, he thought, admiring the tiny freckles upon the bridge of Ruby’s nose that she usually kept hidden with makeup.
He could tell that she would not tan during the summer months, only freckle even more because of her fair skin. He found himself looking forward to counting them.  
Oh yes, I will definitely be returning to Blue-eyed Hollow, Gavin decided with another yawn.
As sleep slowly claimed him, he pondered about how wonderful it would be to go to bed next to Ruby every night and wake up to her lovely face each morning. Those thoughts sent him to dreamland with a lasting smile of his own.

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 11.1

Miss Energizer Bunny is dog-tired now, Ruby thought, lounging on her stomach in the queen-sized bed of Gavin’s hotel room. She was exhausted after three hours of nonstop vigorous lovemaking. Her white flag of surrender was raised high.

Gavin had taken her up against the wall as soon as they entered the room, then on a table, and finally on the edge of the bed. Each time had been slower than the last. Afterwards he carried her to the shower, washed and dried them both, and then insisted they get some rest. 
Though tomorrow was Sunday, they both had somewhere to be before noon. As usual, Ruby had to balance the books at her father’s auto shop and make sure the weekly reports were ready by the time he came home from church. Gavin had a 12 o’clock flight to catch, which meant he had to check out of the hotel by 10am in order to make it to the airport in enough time to go through all the security checks before his plane left.
Yawning for the umpteenth time, Ruby turned her head to the left side of the pillow. She wanted to look at Gavin one last time before she finally closed her eyes. To her surprise, he was wide awake, though quiet as a mouse and very watchful.
“I thought you were asleep.” Ruby smiled at him. 
“I dozed off for a minute, but my eyes refused to remain closed. They didn’t want to miss how beautiful you look with moonbeams dancing across your body,” he replied, perusing her bare frame as she lay atop the burgundy covers. “Especially your bodacious bottom.” He reached down and gently squeezed it.
She moaned, loving his touch. “You’re looking kind of beautiful yourself right now,” she said, speaking truth. He looked even more handsome in the moonlight streaming in through the drawn curtains. “And I just love your brown sugar skin.”  She tenderly caressed the left side of his face.
Gavin closed his eyes and shuddered at her touch. When he reopened them, he took her hand in his and kissed her palm.  
Ruby moaned again. When he leaned closer to kiss her lips, she readily parted them. As the kiss deepened, she soon forgot all about how tired and sleepy she was. She felt reenergized, able to go one more round. One more hard round. And yet Gavin would not allow it.
“Just relax and let me do all the work this time,” he said, hovering over her frame as he donned new protection.
“You sure?” Ruby looked back at him over her right shoulder. “I am a team player, you know?”
“I know and I enjoy your teamwork immensely. However, this time I want to cater to you a bit. Is that okay?”  
“Fine with me.” Ruby nodded and then returned to her reclining prone position.
“Great!” Gavin smiled. After placing a pillow underneath her stomach, he planted a trail of kisses from her shoulders to her bottom.
Ruby couldn’t contain her moans as he licked the fullness of her mounds. She squealed when he nibbled on the lower crests before sucking them. Her core wept, crying out and clenching in wait of fulfillment.
Finally he joined them. She eagerly arched toward him so that he could quickly fill her to completion. “Yessss,” she purred when she had all of him.
Let the ride begin!
Gavin didn’t start off at a gallop like Ruby thought he would. Instead he took his time stroking her from behind. His thrusts were strong. Each advance came with an upward surge that lifted her hefty buns better than any squats and lunges she’d ever done. If he kept this up for long, she would be able to balance a whole set of wine glasses upon her butt instead of just one.
“Oh, sugar. You’re so good to me,” Ruby said, looking back at him again.
“You have no idea how good I can really be to you, Red,” Gavin replied, lowering his frame upon her as he tucked his arms underneath hers and hugged her close.
Before Ruby could answer, he began to bombard her body with explosive thrusts that had her panting, squealing, and outright grunting out her pleasure. Grunting!
What kind of man was this to elicit this type of animalistic response from her?
The kind of man that knew his way around a woman’s body. The kind of man that made pleasing his woman top priority.
His woman?
Ruby wasn’t Gavin’s woman. And yet she found herself wanting to be his woman with each new thrust. When he revealed tremendous upper body strength by balancing his weight upon his arms while drilling deep into her core, she knew then that it wouldn’t take much to commit her body solely to him.
No other man would be able to bring her this kind of pleasure. Of that she was sure.
Gavin Sweetwater, you’re going to be a hard act to follow, Ruby thought as she went over the edge with a loud shout and the kind of bucking only seen in rodeos.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 10.2

After hanging up the phone, Logan returned to Ruby’s video. It was paused on one of his favorite parts. This part contained the scene where she wore nothing but a pink see-through dress with a matching G-string and pink stilettos. Her eyes were glazed from too much alcohol. Body glitter sparkled on her skin.   
A few seconds later, images of Ruby on stage at a club flashed before him. She danced full speed ahead to a techno song, causing everything on her body to shake, including those fantastic DD cups and that supple round bottom that made a man want to squeeze forever. At least that’s what Logan tried to do the three times he’d had her.  
Three minutes passed where other girls were featured. Finally they showed Ruby again. She was in a private room in the back of the film crew’s tour bus this time. Her eyes looked even more glazed now as she reclined on an animal print covered water bed. She began to touch herself for the camera. She also played with a few sex toys.  
This was another favorite part for Logan. It was the part of the video that usually had him touching himself. However, not this time. This time, Logan reached over and touched his gun.  
Rage surged through his body at the thought of Ruby actually marrying another man after turning him down flat each time he asked. Her first excuse had been because they wanted too many different things out of life. Her second had been because of the part he’d played in her father’s heart attack.  
How was I supposed to know the man’s heart was bad? He can still out swim and outrun men half his age, Logan thought, refusing to shoulder any of the blame concerning Papa Hudson. He blame Ruby for it all. None of this would have ever happened if she hadn’t been so wild and loose. If she’d only let him tame her.
Standing to his feet, Logan headed outside for some fresh air. The basement had suddenly become stifling. 

Fortunately he had enough sense to leave his gun inside. However, he did remember to grab his pouch of chewing tobacco. He had to have something to help calm his frayed nerves.

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 10.1

Logan was in his basement, watching Ruby’s sex video yet again when he received a call from his longtime friend, Toby. He reluctantly pressed pause on the remote and answered the call.
“I hope you’re sitting down,” Toby said as soon as he came on the line.
Logan braced himself for bad news. “Out with it!” he grumbled, meeting any possibility of negativity with more negativity – a cloak of anger.
“You’re not gonna believe this, but Ruby Dee Hudson just got engaged.” 
“You’re lying!” Logan roared. “Nobody within three counties of Blue-eyed Hollow wants to marry the likes of her.” He made sure of that by giving copies of Ruby’s spring break video to every guy he knew and definitely to those that tried to get serious with her after she returned home. 
“I don’t think this guy is from around here,” Toby replied. “He talks all citified and such.” 
“Citified?” Logan scanned his brain for any new males in the area. He couldn’t think of any right off hand. But then again, he had been working a lot lately in his uncle’s campaign for sheriff. Because of that, new men could have arrived without his knowledge. 
“Yep. Looks citified, too. His manicured hands don’t look like they’ve ever seen a hard day’s work. Plus, he’s staying at the hotel where I work, so he must be from out of town.” 
“Manicured hands? Sounds like a little sissy-boy to me.” Logan scoffed with a wicked grin.
“I think they like to be called homosexuals these days,” Toby said in a politically correct tone.
“Tomato, tomahto,” Logan replied as intolerantly as his thinking was. “I just don’t know what Ruby finds so fascinating about guys like that. First that Dior dude and now this new fella.”
“I don’t think this one is gay. They’re walking past me right now and he can’t keep his hands off her,” Toby whispered.
Logan scowled. “Give me more physical details about him. I want to be able to spot him from a mile away.” 
“I’ll do you one better and send you a picture of him. I think I can snap one before him and Ruby get on the elevator,” Toby said, speaking in his normal tone again.  
Logan tapped his right foot impatiently as he waited for his friend to take the photo with his phone and then send it to him. When he received the clear image via text message a minute later, he began to curse profusely. Though he couldn’t tell who the man in the robe was just yet, he could definitely make out Ruby’s voluptuous frame. After all, he’d been the first man to ever possess it. 
Logan deflowered Ruby on their prom night. After making love to her two more times before graduation, he thought for sure he’d be her only lover for the rest of her life. When he tried to turn that thought into reality, she balked at his marriage proposal and broke things off with him quicker than two flies at a bodacious picnic. 
Ruby left for college soon after that. When she returned, she still refused to marry Logan. In fact, she refused to have anything else to do with him whatsoever. She barely said two words to him these days. 
Logan didn’t take Ruby’s marital rejection well at all. He wasn’t taking this new development in her life much better as evident by his clenching fists and tight jaw. “Find out everything you can about this guy,” he said once he returned the phone to his right ear.  
Toby frowned and sighed heavily as he leaned against his security booth. “Dude, I’m not going to help you stalk Ruby’s fiancé. You been stalking her long enough as it is. I was just passing on some juicy gossip, that’s all.” Now he wish he’d kept his mouth shut.  
“If you ever want to go from security officer to sheriff deputy, you’ll do what I ask,” Logan said, flaunting his new level of influence.  
Not only was Logan already a deputy on the force, his mother’s brother had just been elected sheriff of Blue-eyed Hollow. And everybody knew that Leroy Darcy was big on granting favors to his family members.  
“All right. I’ll find out what I can. But after this, I’m done,” Toby said, wondering if it was time to be done with their friendship as well. Logan had changed over the years and not for the better either.
After quickly saying goodbye, Toby hung up the phone before something else was asked of him. He was already starting to feel bad about squealing on Ruby. She’d gone through enough pain because of Logan.
Unfortunately, Logan held the key to Toby finally becoming a deputy. Which meant he’d have to squeal on Ruby again.  

Sighing heavily once more, Toby came from behind the booth and headed to the other side of the hotel. It was time to walk off the guilt he felt. After this, he would finally stop being a world-class tattletale.

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 9.3

“Whew!” Ruby said once Toby was out of hearing distance and the window had been raised again. 
“Exactly.” Gavin relaxed against the headrest and blew out a long breath of relief. 
“Were you scared, too? If so, I sure couldn’t tell. You hold your feelings in way better than me any day. By the way, thanks for covering for me.” 
“No problem. Composure under pressure is necessary to practice any form of medicine. As for being scared, I think I was more worried than anything else. Not only am I trying to do something good in this area, but I just got my commercial pilot’s license and plan on starting a private jet service soon, so I really can’t afford a sex scandal. Especially since I intend to reach a certain level of high-end clientele. In a way, I guess I covered for us both tonight.” 
Ruby’s eyes bucked. “You’re starting a new business?” 
“Yes, I am.” Gavin chuckled at her expression. “I became a dentist because my father’s busy clinic needed a good one during its foundational stage. I became a pilot because I needed to do what ultimately made me happy. I’m hoping to phase myself out of my father’s practice soon and concentrate more fully on flying.”
“With goals that lofty, why risk your reputation for hot sex in a car with a stranger?”
He suddenly became very serious. “That’s a loaded question with an equally loaded answer. Not only do I think you’re worthy of taking a chance on, there’s a part of me that likes living on the edge just as much as you seem to. If I had to do our backseat romp all over again, I’d do it…and you in a heartbeat.” 
“Oh.” Ruby didn’t know what else to say after that. His honesty and compliment clouded her thinking all over again. They also had her body humming with desire again.
Snap out of it, girl. He’s just a man, she told herself, forcing her mind back on track. “With this new business venture, what’s going to happen to the clinic you started in Blue-eyed Hollow?” Ruby said aloud.
“I’m still going to do that on the weekends. Keeping my word to my father means a lot to me. If I can get more doctors to sign on to the project, I may be able to turn it into a full-time wellness clinic. One where the whole person is tended to,” Gavin said, unlocking the door nearest him. “Now if we’re through talking about business, can we go up to my room now? I want to make love to you in a real bed. I want to see if you really are the Energizer Bunny’s fraternal twin.” He chuckled, revealing that ready sense of humor he had.

Ruby laughed. “Don’t you think we should wait until our fake honeymoon to share a bed?” 
Gavin leaned in close to her right ear. “Red, if I have to wait longer than five minutes to get inside of you again, we might get arrested tonight after all.” He gently bit her ear before withdrawing. 
Ruby shuddered. Her laughter instantly dried up at those words and at the look of sheer hunger upon his face. She could almost taste his desire. “I’m right behind you, sugar. Just let me get my purse and keys.”

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 9.2

Ruby instantly stilled her body when she heard knocking at the driver’s side back window. She looked behind her and squinted against the blinding light that immediately followed the knocking.
Gavin squinted also.
“This is hotel security. Can you roll down your window please?” a male voice requested.
“Just a moment, officer,” Ruby replied, thinking that his voice sounded very familiar as she quickly disengaged herself from Gavin’s body.
“Ma’am, I hope you and your companion know that sex in a public place is illegal in these parts,” the officer said, tapping on the window again. 
Illegal? Ruby began to move faster.
“If I get arrested for something like this, my father will surely have another heart attack. My conscience couldn’t take being the cause of a second one,” she whispered in a panic. Tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks as she tried to make herself presentable as quickly as possible. Though she usually kept a tight lid on her emotions, when it came to those she cared about or something dear to her heart, her eyes gave her away nearly every time. 
Gavin sat upright and fixed his clothing, as well. “Try to calm down, Red,” he whispered in a soothing tone. “Maybe this is one of those laws that they don’t enforce around here. I’m no lawyer, but my mother is. She told me about several antiquated Virginia laws that aren’t enforced and/or are actively being challenged in modern courts.”
The flow of Ruby’s tears instantly slowed at his calm demeanor and soothing reminder about old Virginian laws. Some of which included laws against sodomy, sexual relations between two unmarried persons, and cohabitation of two unmarried people. 
Ruby’s anxiety would leave completely if the security guard wasn’t being such a jerk by continuing to shine his flashlight into the jeep. Was he trying to dissipate the window fog faster so that he could satisfy some sick voyeur fantasy? And why did he sound so much like Toby Prestrell, Logan’s best friend from high school?
Ruby hadn’t seen Toby since he married a girl in Cleavertown and moved in with her parents. That was way back when she was still driving the blue truck that her parents got her for high school graduation.
“Ma’am, sir, I’ve given you all the time I can. I need you to step out of the car now,” the officer persisted, knocking on the window again. 
It is Toby! Why did I have to get caught by the biggest mouth in two counties? Ruby thought concerning Tattletale Toby as they used to call him in grade school. 
“You take care of wiping those beautiful eyes while I take care of this,” Gavin told her in that same soothing tone. When she did as he requested, he rolled down the window. “Sorry for the delay, officer. I was just trying to make sure my fiancée was presentable again.” 
“Fiancée?” Toby reiterated, instantly recognizing Ruby through the open window. “I didn’t know you was getting married, Ruby Dee,” he added, saying her first and middle names.
“I…” Ruby began.
“She didn’t either until tonight,” Gavin interrupted. “You see, I just proposed to Ruby a little while ago. When she said yes, well…” He paused and chuckled for dramatic effect. “Let’s just say that I couldn’t contain my joy long enough to make it back up to my room.” 
Toby grinned. “I reckon not.” He gave Ruby’s disheveled appearance a slow perusal. Though her nose looked a tad red and her eyes a bit puffy as if she’d been shedding possible tears of joy, she was still just as pretty as she’d been in high school. No wonder Logan never really got over her. In fact, the last time Toby visited him, the man was still looking at Ruby’s sex video every night in the basement of the house that he inherited when his mother died. 
“Listen, why don’t we just forget tonight ever happened?” Toby suggested, looking at Gavin again.
Ruby shifted slightly on the seat. That’s easy for you to say, she thought, feeling vulnerable and exposed even though no indecent part of her was showing.
Fortunately she was able to keep her feelings off her face and out of her eyes. She even pasted a semblance of a smile upon her lips. About time all those drama classes in high school and college finally paid off for her. Had Gavin taken drama classes, too? Because his current performance was Oscar-worthy.
“We appreciate your discretion, officer,” Gavin said with a grateful smile as he discreetly reached over to give Ruby’s hand a comforting squeeze. 
“No problem at all.” Toby smiled. “I like you already. You got the proper amount of respect for authority.” He stuck his chest out with pride.

Says the flashlight and taser carrying rent-a-cop, Ruby thought, remembering how many times Toby flunked out of police academy.
“All I ask is that you take the rest of your celebrating up to your room,” Toby told Gavin. Then he fixed his gaze on her and added, “And that I get an invite to the wedding.” 
After another comforting squeeze from Gavin, Ruby forced a wider smile on her face and said, “You’ll be at the top of our list, Toby.” 
“Good.” Toby grinned. “Y’all have a good night, ya’ hear?” Then he turned his flashlight off and walked away, whistling as he went.

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 9.1

Ruby collapsed on top of Gavin, as if all the fight had been taken out of her. “I need to get that,” she panted out when her phone rang for a third time.   
“Of course. It might be a family emergency,” Gavin replied, sounding just as breathless.
No woman had ever gone at him so hard before or incited him to go at her just as hard. This was new. Not even his first love, Sheila, had been this ravenous for him and she’d been a true ball of fire. The fact that Ruby had cried out just as loudly as him in ecstasy also set her apart from his ex-girlfriend. Sheila had been oddly quiet during sex. 
“There’s no family emergency associated with this particular ringtone,” Ruby informed after taking in a deep breath. “That’s either Nancy or Peggy Lee calling to check on me since I’m with a new man tonight.” She reached for her purse on the car floor and retrieved the black phone from it. 
“That’s smart,” Gavin said, doing his best to squash the surge of jealousy the latter part of her statements had produced. After what just happened between them, he didn’t want to hear or even think about her with another man. Passion like theirs made a man feel real territorial. 

Hold it together, dude, Gavin told himself as he moved a long breath in and out of his lungs to calm his body and his emotions.
Ruby took another deep breath of her own. She blew it out slowly before finally answering her phone. “Hello? Oh, hey, Nancy. Where’s Peggy Lee?” As she talked, she rested her head upon Gavin’s chest. “She’s hanging out with Doug the DJ again? That’s nice. He’s a great guy. How’s everything going with me? Fine. I think I may spend the night with Vinny, better known as Gavin Sweetwater.” She looked at him and smiled when she said that last part. 
Gavin nodded his agreement with a grin. Suddenly all was right with his world again. Unhindered by thoughts of jealousy now, he draped an arm across her back and tenderly traced her spine. The sight of a moonbeam shrouded across her bottom stirred his lower body to life again and prompted him to reach down to squeeze both cheeks.
Ruby suppressed a moan when Gavin grabbed two hearty handfuls of her bottom and squeezed. She suddenly found it hard to concentrate all over again. “Yes, you heard right. I’m spending the night with Dr. Sweetwater,” she reiterated when Nancy acted as if she was suddenly hard of hearing. Or maybe she was too shocked and needed that last part repeated. After all, it was rare that Ruby spent the night with any man.
Incidentally, ‘spend the night’ was code for ‘don’t call back tonight because I’ll be busy with my new man’. All the friends knew this code and abided by it.
“Oh,” Nancy replied after that confirmation. “Well, I didn’t find any man to interest me tonight, so I’m headed home alone.”
“O…okay, drive safely,” Ruby said, stammering when she felt Gavin growing within her. He felt thicker and longer than before. How was that possible? 
“I will. P.S. I want full details tomorrow,” Nancy replied. “If I can’t have him for myself, I at least want to know what I’m missing.” 
“O…okay. Talk to you later, bye,” Ruby concluded as Gavin moved within her depths again. “You seem bigger. What happened?” she asked after hanging up the phone.
“A man’s penis size changes when more blood rushes below,” he explained, sounding more like a medical doctor rather than a dentist at the moment.
“Oh, I didn’t know that.”
“Yes, so don’t try to engage me in any deep philosophical conversations for the next twenty to thirty minutes, okay? My brain might not be able to handle it.” He grinned.
Ruby chuckled. “Okay.”
“That beautiful smile.” He gave her an intense stare before lowering his gaze to peruse her frame. “And this beautiful body are lethal weapons,” he added, running his hands up the sides of her body before returning them to her bottom.
“I…” Ruby forgot what she was going to say when he suddenly slammed into her, hitting her special spot all over again. With a moan, she focused the whole of her attention on meeting this new challenge. 
This back seat romp was more intense than the last. Louder, too, as they went at each other with wild abandonment. The springs of the back seat protested the extra weight and their vigorous workout. Ruby didn’t care. It was about time for new seats anyway.
Unfortunately, those loud noises and the bouncing vehicle caught the attention of Toby Prestrell, the hotel’s night security guard, who was out making his rounds about the premises. As more animalistic sounds resonated from the red jeep even louder this time, he headed over to investigate.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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Author Note - What do you think?

As the demands of my day job are increasing and the work hours are changing, I find myself struggling to stay on schedule with my LIVE story during the week. So far I've been able to post consistently on the days I promised (Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays), but some days I'm late putting posts up. I don't like that and you all deserve better than that.

In order to seek a better work/life balance so that my writing and writing obligations don't suffer, I'm thinking about changing the posting days to the weekends - Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Especially since most of my readers have hectic schedules too and usually only read on the weekends anyway.

~ What do y'all think?
~ And if the majority agree with this change, I will implement it the first week of December 2014.

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 8.2

         Within seconds, their protection was in place. Though the back seat was roomy, it was not big enough to accommodate certain positions. Especially with a man as muscular as Gavin. Therefore Ruby opted for the position of power. She actually preferred this position and would often request it with her partners. 
Slowly sliding down the hot length of him, she moaned with pleasure as she felt her body stretch to accommodate his extraordinary presence. From their sensual dance at the club and from all the exploring she’d done in the car, she knew he was above average in length and width. No wonder they had to use the premium gold condom pack instead of the regular silver one. 
“Don’t be shy now, Red. Get it all.” Gavin squeezed her bottom as he thrust upwards to join them completely in one smooth motion. 
Ruby let out a squeal of surprise and a moan of delight as he immediately hit her special spot…without even trying to. Her inner muscles instantly clenched around him. Rivers of passion flowed downward. 
Gavin sucked air through his teeth and groaned loudly. “Oh, baby, you were even readier for me than I thought. Don’t worry. I’m not stingy. I’m willing and able to give you as much as you need right now.” He squeezed her closer and began to hit her special spot over and over again. Faster, too. He drove deep. He stroked strong. 
In awe of him, Ruby could do nothing but hold on to Gavin as her body shuddered violently with release unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. Was she a cow being milked? Because every move he made produced another climactic stream. The whole back seat was going to be flooded if he kept this up. 
Ruby should have known sex with this man was going to be very different from her last one-night-stand based on the chemistry they had at the club alone. Gavin seemed so in tune with her from the beginning. He was even more in tune with her now. 
Needing time to regain at least some of her composure, Ruby lowered her body upon his torso and kissed his lips. Slowly. She had to slow this man down, lest he drive her clear out of her mind. Or worse, drive her straight to Emotion City. She didn’t have the time or the desire to catch feelings for anyone.
Thankfully that kiss was enough to prompt Gavin to slow down. It also gave Ruby some time to regroup. When she was in control of herself again, she broke the kiss and took the lead as she originally intended. 
Anchoring her hands upon his shoulders, she rode him true cowgirl style. Her body relished the hard feel of his frame. Her ears soaked up the loud groans and moans he uttered as they climbed higher and higher toward ecstasy again. Slowly this time.  

Ruby’s ears grew hot as Gavin filled them with colorful terms of all shapes and sizes. The things he said were not degrading, but they were things one wouldn’t expect such a distinguished man to know, much less utter. And yet he said them fluently and with great emphasis, as if he was the originator of them. 
Watching Gavin’s face by the moonlight streaming in from the clear upper portions of the foggy windows, Ruby could see his handsome features contort with sheer bliss as his eyes fluttered open and closed. He was definitely enjoying her just as much as she was him. That gave her even more pleasure. 
Gavin wished he could keep his eyes open long enough to gaze upon Ruby’s loveliness. It was hard to focus on much of anything with all the slipping, sliding, and clenching going on. Her inner muscles had him in such a tight grip that every retreat was just as stimulating as every advance. It was as if she wanted to hold on to him forever. 
Gavin had no complaints about that. He kept arching his body and squeezing her closer so that she could continue getting as much of him as she desired. He also kept sucking, nibbling on and lapping at her peaks thanks to the slower pace. No woman had tasted sweeter or felt better to him.
Not a full minute later, they both went hurling over the edge of passion. Loudly. Simultaneously, Ruby’s cell phone began to play That’s What Friends are For by Dionne & Friends.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 8.1

Gavin was barely settled in the dark back seat when Ruby threw her hands around his neck and literally attacked his mouth. Loving her aggression, he parted his lips and instantly deepened the kiss. They both moaned the second their tongues made contact.  
“Mmm…you taste so good, sugar,” Ruby murmured against his lips. 
“So do you, baby,” Gavin replied and then deepened the kiss even more.
As their tongues intertwined, he lowered his hands to her halter top and freed her large globes. They were heavy in his palms just the way he liked it. He spread his hands wide and gently squeezed them. They felt firm, yet supple. Her skin was smooth and silky to the touch.  
Ruby moaned deep in her throat. She suckled his tongue as she reached into his robe. Her hands traveled beyond his shirt until they met his hairy chest. Another moan spilled from her lips as she ran her hands up and down his bare torso, eagerly kneading his hard muscle groups. 
Gavin also moaned. He loved the feel of her soft hands on his body. The way she seemed so hungry for him. Her fervent actions had him hot, aching and throbbing to no end.
Suddenly Ruby reached down and squeezed him intimately. “Ooo…is all this for me?” she said, breaking the kiss.
Gavin groaned loudly. “Yes,” he said, arching toward her right hand.
“Fortunately, I know exactly what to do with this precious jewel.” She smiled as she started to slowly move her hand up and down.
Gavin hissed out an erotic expletive. He closed his eyes to relish the sensations of her talented hand as it squeezed and stroked him in all the right places. That same expletive rolled off his tongue four more times as the pulsating heat in his body rose.
“Yes, sugar. We will do that soon enough.” Ruby chuckled huskily and then took her kisses lower. She licked and lapped at his skin as if he was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted.
Gavin inhaled sharply and opened his eyes as she neared his lower abs. Surely it’s too soon for that, he thought, wondering just how low she would go with her kisses as she lapped ferociously at his bellybutton while her hand continued to work its magic below. 

The primal look Ruby sent his way reminded him of a lioness in the wild. It let him know that if she did go there, she wasn’t going to stop until she was satisfied, which meant they both might miss work on Monday.
Though Gavin was basically an anything goes kind of lover, he did have some limitations. No bondage, no S & M or anything else painful to either parties, and no oral intimacies with women he didn’t have a personal long standing relationship with. 
Yet he wanted to break that last rule with Ruby. He wanted to taste her all over tonight. He wanted the same from her.
But why? Was it her extraordinary beauty? The instant rapport they had? 
Yes, on both accounts. 
Gavin breathed a sigh of relief when Ruby released him and sent her kisses upward again. Though he wanted that level of intimacy, he knew it wasn’t the best thing for either of them right now. They didn’t know each other well enough to go that far yet. 
By the time Ruby finally made it back up to his mouth, Gavin was breathing heavily. His body was on fire. That fire showed up in the volcanic kiss he gave her. He continued to kiss her until she was just as breathless as him. Then he lowered his lips to her bosom. He licked from one taut peak to the other. Greedily. 
Ruby moaned. “Yes,” she urged, arching toward him as he pulled her into his lap.
Gavin opened his mouth wider and feasted upon her left melon while his free hand kneaded the other. 
She moaned even louder and spread her legs across his thighs.
He groaned when she settled upon the most rigid part of him and began a heated grind. “You’re so ready,” he whispered against her bosom. “Too ready,” he added, after sending an exploring hand to her steamy sauna below. “Do you have protection? Otherwise we need to go up to my room now. Right now!” Gavin didn’t mean to sound impatient, but the mounting demands of his body were rapidly chipping away at his fortitude.
Ruby chuckled as she quickly reached for her purse. “I have all the protection we need right here in this car, sugar.”

(c)2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 7.2

Gavin wasted no time going around to the passenger side of Ruby’s jeep. It was already unlocked, so he was able to go right inside. Once he was comfortably seated and the windows had been raised, he picked the conversation back up where they left off.
“Okay, so tell me why you and your friends thought I was gay. Is it the new cologne my mother gave me for my last birthday? I thought it smelled like a rain forest. Maybe you think it smells like a flower garden instead,” Gavin said teasingly.
He wasn’t the least bit upset about their false assumption, just curious as to why it was made about him. Besides, it would be hypocritical to get upset about that misconception after pegging her for a hooker. Wisdom dictated that he not share that particular error in judgment with Ruby now or ever for that matter.  
“I like the way you smell.” She laughed. “It’s woodsy and spicy, very manly.” To prove it, she leaned over and took a long, deep whiff of him. Her laughter quickly turned into a moan seconds later. “Yes, very manly.”
“I’m glad you like it,” Gavin said in a husky tone. Her nearness had him granite beneath his robe. “I like the way you smell, too.” He inhaled deeply of her scent. “Very womanly and delicious.” He licked his lips.  
Ruby moaned again.
At that moan, Gavin started to lean in for a kiss. He refrained when she quickly returned to her seat, cleared her throat and begin talking again. He smiled to himself. It amused him that she was fighting her attraction to him.
Let’s see how long that’s going to last, Gavin thought, convinced that Ruby wanted him just as much as he did her. And yet he would not pressure her to give in, no way, no how. He liked willing vessels.
“The reason the whole gay thing came up in the first place is because you basically ignored one of the prettiest blondes in two counties when she tried to come on to you,” Ruby said as she turned off the car.  
Gavin shook his head to refocus. “You must be talking about that Anna Nicole look-alike that came to my office on Friday. Nancy something or other. Or maybe it was Nollie.”  
“It was Nancy Lenox,” Ruby supplied, looking surprised that he didn’t remember her friend’s full name.  
“Right.” Gavin nodded, finally recalling that name from the file in his office.  
“She was also at the club tonight.”  
“I saw her, which is how I was able to deduce that I was being set up tonight. Tell me this, Ruby. Did it ever occur to any of you that your friend Nancy just wasn’t my type?”  
“Yeah, after you and I made a connection. By the way, why didn’t you like Nancy? Most men choose her over me and Peggy Lee any day. And none of them ever forget her name.”  
“I guess most men are blind or else stupid, because you are much prettier than her to me. Sexier, too.” He smiled when that brought a blush to her cheeks.  
Ruby hooded her gaze, but not before he had a chance to see volcanic desire in her lovely pools.  
“As for what turned me off about your friend, do you want an honest answer or a polite one to that question?” Gavin continued.  
“An honest answer.”  
“The truth is that though I like my women aggressive, I do not like them desperate. When a woman lays it on too thick, it makes sensible men like me question why. Why does she want me so bad? Is she a gold-digger? Is she pregnant and looking for a substitute father? Those are just some of the questions that flow through our minds. Believe me, there are many more.”  
Ruby looked toward the windshield. “What if a woman isn’t pregnant or a gold-digger? What if she’s just highly attracted to you? So much so that she can literally still taste you on her tongue.” She licked her lips. “Still feel your hands on her body.” She moaned and wiggled in her seat.
Gavin moaned, too. “A woman like that can have me any time she wants, Red,” he said huskily, giving her a nickname as her semi-confession opened the door to a new level of intimacy between them.  
Ruby’s breath hitched at those words. Her eyes snapped to his. “What about anywhere she wants, Vinny?” she replied, giving him a nickname as well.  
“That, too,” Gavin whispered, sounding just as breathless as her.  
Ruby smiled mischievously. “Meet me in the back seat.” Then she unlocked the back doors, opened the driver’s door and got out.  

It’s our time, baby. Let's bend this corner together, Gavin thought as he rushed to join her in the back seat. Desire pumped through his veins a mile a second. He loved her spontaneity, innovativeness, and lack of inhibitions. They catered to his own wild side.
If I’m not careful, I might slip up and fall in love with this woman, Gavin thought, thrilled that Ruby decided to surrender to their mutual attraction after all.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier
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