Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 47.1

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    ok i hope they be togehter and have plenty of baibes out there. she right they need the lies to go away to be togheter. thanks for the updated.

  2. Trina: I wish the same thing for this couple.

  3. Latrice12:08 AM

    Ok this posts speaks volumes underneath the conversation!

    Prina- Subrina was willing to fill the baby many of us have been willing to fill the order, despite what it cost us, regardless of how we had to do it just to please someone else. Now while it's good to want our loved ones happy, we must do this thing in balance. Too much of people pleasing will find us in bondage. To the people and the things we done and as soon as we want freedom, we have no clue how to get it.

    Suge and Neelam got a new house- YAY! Thanks for that tidbit on them.

    Forgiving ourselves for not being perfect- YES, YES, YES this is a message that should ring from every corner of the world. There is but one who is perfect and He is God all by Himself! If we forgive ourselves for not being perfect, we may also free ourselves in the process!

  4. Latrice: That forgiveness thing was in my heart for a while. I had even written notes about it. Then when Joy (aka Comm/Girl) talked about her revelation of forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, I KNEW it was time to include that part in the story. That was too big of a 'coincidence'.

  5. Latrice12:40 AM

    PRINA- Big Shout out to Comm Girl on that Forgiveness matter and to you for following your spirit and including it. Forgiving ourselves is 2nd to asking God to forgive us. Too often God has forgiven us and we're still holding on to what God has let go of! Whew! Thanks to both of you for sparking that thought!

  6. Latrice: *smile* You're welcome!