Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 19.3

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  1. To all: This a long chapter, so bear with me. One more section to go and then we're done for Chapter 19.

  2. oh man, Victoria has really had a ROUGH childhood... that sleazebag, pathetic excuse for a father, how dare he do the nasty with his own daughter, warped dumb mindset!!!!
    its horrific!

  3. Kim: Yes, Vickie had it rough, certainly rougher than most of the girls she oversees. I personally like her even though I don't like what she does. She's among the deceived for sure. I'll see what I can do about opening her eyes. Other things Vickie knows about, but just won't do anything about for various reasons that will be revealed later in the book.

  4. Ok, ok, ok... :)

    "Yeah, she sent me that book, Subrina deduced" I finally got all the hints (hows & whys) lined up...

    I won't post a spoiler, but I had to say 'Suprina you are good'.

  5. E: *Big Grin* I should've known you'd get it all the hints early. The way you go over a book with a fine tooth comb, I knew it was just a matter of time. lol.

    Thanks for not posting spoilers. I want to let others get a chance to come to the same conclusions you did on their own. The only help I'll give them to finding out Avalon's connection in all this is: GO BACK TO THE NIGHT LEESHA CALLED SUBRINA FROM THE HOTEL.


    Good job, Miss Sherlock Holmes. Good job indeed.

  6. Latrice6:12 PM

    A bad childhood experience is definitely one way to put it. A great sacrifice of self in the beginning is definitely how I would view what Vickie did. I wonder how many of us have sacrificed ourselves for a while only to find it become our way of life.

    I'm definitely going to have to go back to the night Leesha called because I'm clueless right now maybe because of distractions but clueless still. Thanks for the hint Prina.

  7. Latrice6:33 PM

    I will be dog gone-now who are Vicky and Avalon related to? Leesha or Subrina...Did anyone else get that little tidbit about the changing of the last name to Posada. I just love how Prina didn't tell us what the old name was. It just dawned on me while I was reading 19.4 so I had to come back.

    Oh and wow, Avalon was fond of Leesha??? Interesting fact which means undoubtedly, Leesha told her about all about her best friend at some given time. what do you think ladies???

    Now let me get back to the real reason I couldn't close out without coming back to this post- the dad with the threats of killing them if they told. Prina-you open this door which means I can walk in. I've been right where Vicky and Avalon was only it was just me, not my dad but my uncle. Prina, you already know this, you read the book. The fear factor is so overwhelming and so controlling that you literally will find yourself doing things you never thought of doing and that molestation and rape factor can alter the person that you are. Thank God for Jesus who can fix it all! I lived with locked doors, distrust, and anger for a long time of my life. I want to thank you for writing this in this book helping me to realize all the more I'm free. No longer bound, no more chains holding me. The memory of it held me captive just as it probably has your characters on so many levels but as Avalon frees herself, thanks Prina, for that reminder that I'm free. Sometimes freedom comes when the gates of ourselves are unlocked. I truly believe your character Avalon is doing just that!

  8. Latrice: "A great sacrifice of self...how many of us have sacrificed ourselves for a while only to find it become our way of life."

    That is a POWERFUL quote. Wow you're going all out tonight, girl.

    Now on to your other comments...

    That name change is going to play a role in the story, but let me assure you Vicky and Avalon are in no way related to Leesha or Subrina...yet. You're definitely picking up something with the name change thing though and they're definitely related to somebody, but just not the folks you named. Good eye/ear of discernment.

    No, I'm not going to tell you what the original name was just yet. That's a wait-and-see moment.

    Yes, Avalon was very fond of Leesha/Lexus. She was like a daughter to her in some ways.

    Thanks so much for sharing a brief snippet of your testimony with us.

    To all: Latrice wrote a book entitled LIFE'S EXPERIENCE where she goes into more detail about what happened to her as a child. Truly heartrending stuff.

    I don't know if it's still available for sale or on hold for revisions (Latrice, I'll help you with that if you want. Just let me know). Either way, the girl poured her heart out in that book and allowed God to heal her even more by sharing her painful past of abuse with others.

    And yes, you are still FREE, Latrice!

    P.S. I also loved two more of your quotes...

    1. "The memory of it held me captive"...

    2. "Sometimes freedom comes when the gates of ourselves are unlocked."

    Potent stuff, girl.

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM

    something tells me that the man try something with her.. glad she telling her life story it nice to have the bond. thanks for the updated.

  10. Anon: Yes, and that bond is going to come in handy later on.