Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 14.1

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  1. Ding Ding....Let's get rrrreeaaaaddddyyyy to rumble!!!!! I'm betting on Caesar to come out victorious in this battle...I can't wait for Subrina and Mercedes to have a fist fight and ooooo-wee Prina make it a good one cause I can't wait. I just love my character...rofl

  2. ok it's early i'm at work and was about to scream!!!!! Ricky and Caesar bout to have it out over Bree, Ricky bout to get his feelings and a lot more hurt for real (i hope)!!! No Mercedes ain't trying to push up on Caesar - hmmmm..... bring it on Suprina!!!!

  3. let the match begin!!!

  4. Subrina: You're wild!!! Subrina and Mercedes duking it out. Hmm...good idea.

    Ms. Jo-Jo: I hope your office door is closed. I can't guarantee you're not going to scream with anger, laughing, etc...when the stuff goes down.

    Kim: LOL!!!

  5. Latrice3:15 PM

    Suprina- it's time to BE different! Powerful! Ladies are we ready to be like Ceasar, DIFFERENT!

    Neelam- interesting how the things of his past (overeating) still had a hold on him. So many times we experience this in life and don't even realize it or at least we don't want to admit it. Also, the needs of others was a factor in him retaining his employment at the P Ranch- how many times do we do things for the sake of others whether it's good for us or not.

    Somebody slap Mercedes smart because she straight stupid right now!

    Ricky/Ceaser- AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Junk it's about to be on. Ricky going down!!!!!!!!!

  6. "Neelam’s tendency to overeat had a lot to do with the fact that he’d been raised dirt poor, knew what it was like to go hungry for days, and was afraid of experiencing that level of poverty and famine ever again.".... oooooo that fear demon makes me soooo mad!

    "Combine that with the fact that he wasn’t skilled at anything else and it was plain to see why he wasn’t about to abandon the life of a recruiter any time soon, despite his friend’s best efforts to get him to seek other employment."...... He is not trying! Because he has become to comfortable where he is at. He has SOME skills! God don't make mistakes!

    Mercedes!!!! Grrrrrrr! She got a BIG mouth! She is starting to make me angry! Stay out of other people's business!

    Ricky just does not know what he is getting himself in for! He is foolish and PRIDEFUL! He cares NOTHING for Sabrina! He is ONLY interested in conquest! If you want a woman, then go after her. Why you going to announce a competition for the world to hear!? JERK!!! Shouldn't you be MORNING for Lesea!?!?!

    If I were Sabrina, when I found out about this conversation I would get so angry! Against her will, she was just placed in the middle of some drama and I DO NOT being made apart to drama!

  7. Latrice: I'm ready to be different. As usual, you're on point about one of my characters. You got Neelam pegged right on. Mercedes is going to get a little bit more than a slap in this book.

    Comm/Girl: Neelam hasn't tried to find his true purpose and yes, he is comfortable where he is at. It's easy. Finding and fulfilling our callings can be hard work sometimes. By the way, I did reveal a couple of Neelam's other skills in that post. Now I have to help him discover them and make use of them. As for Ricky, he won't allow himself to mourn Leesha. He's staying too medicated (drunk) to feel anything.

  8. Anonymous4:20 PM

    well ricky you going to lose bad very very bad because Hi C going to win his woman no matter what. thanks for the updated.

  9. Anon: You'll see what happens with Ricky soon enough.