Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 28.1

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  1. Latrice10:38 PM

    Well now, Subrina's mind is everywhere but on that mindblowing loving she just got! Poor baby, she just had the best experience ever and can't enjoy it. Ever been there ladies??? In a place where you should be happy but something is holding you back or hindering that complete experience. How exactly do you remove those barriers???

    We all have the same question does, NOW WHAT???

  2. Latrice: The girl was caught up. Now reality has set back in.

    I've been in that place of should be happy, but ain't. I don't yet know how to remove the barriers, but I certainly know why I was so torn - I had just had my first child. Although I should have been ecstatic, I was a bit sad because my mother wasn't alive to witness and share that moment with me.

    As for the 'now what' question, we'll all have to wait and see, because the story is starting to change from my notes again and ain't no telling WHAT'S going to happen next.

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    wow i feel for S what to do break this man heart and walked away or lose everything for a man that makes you feel alive in a long time. love the story and thanks for the updated.

  4. Trina: I'm glad you're still loving the story at this point. I'm trying to keep it good.

  5. Good words Latrice...
    Good testimony Prina...
    ... not really surprised that Sabrina responded this way. She is scared and used to being in control, she is afraid of what would happen if she were not. I think that when we don't understand what is happening, when we can't comprehend how something is supposed to work... we automatically revert back to what we can understand. What we can control. Even if the thing we can't understand is good. I'm thinking that the only way for us to be able to enjoy something good when we can't understand is to have something we can trust in past our understanding. just a thought.... :)

  6. Comm/Girl: You went deep right then, sista. Real deep.