Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 45.2

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  1. Another comment from Paula:

    Paula said..."So he hated his mother for being weak but he LOVES it when Victoria is weak!

    What kind of BS is that! Is he confused! I think this man needs to check into a clinic for a complete Psych evaluation.


  2. I'm sorry everyone for not participating and commenting more but between studying and taking 3 tests a week I don't have time to read anymore. Since classes is over for this week I'm taking today off just to relax and read these new posts.

    WOW!!! Blaine is kinda reminding me a little bit like Geoffrey from TAD...His childhood was awful but he needs JESUS for his cleansing because satan has his mind corrupted. I'm glad Victoria is using some of the sense God gave her when it comes to Blaine...Please open her eyes a little bit more Prina.

  3. Latrice8:46 PM

    Wow, Fire cleanses! Somebody ought to tell people that people are listening and paying attention, even when we think they aren't. And look how what we say or do can influence other people.

    I must say that Ricky was pretty smart if he got enough information to rig and blow up a whole house.

    Researching peoples past-sometimes this is necessary. You never know what you'll find good or bad, either way, you need to know.

    One question: What have we done to try to cleanse ourselves.

    Real Subrina: We missed you but we certainly understand you being missing. You have your priorities in order girl and we could all certainly take a lesson from you. Prayerfully all has gone well for you in class and we claim the victory for you! Now I'm in agreement with you that Blaine needs Jesus for his cleansing because real talk if Jesus can't do it, it can't be done and we know He can!

  4. Anonymous8:54 PM

    wow can we say crazy crazy man. here his mom think he lieing about it and he not then he burns her and his stepfather and all the other things he done wow is all i can say. you writtin very well about blaine bravo. thanks for the updated.

  5. Paula: Blaine is definitely screwed up in the head.

    Subrina: You don't have to apologize for doing what you need to do for your life. I, for one, am very proud of your focus on school. And yes, Blaine is kinda like Geoffrey (aka Crazy Red) from TAD, which is probably why they clicked when he visited the ranch. I'll see what I can do about opening V's eyes more. She's stuck in a runt with this man.

    Latrice: It wasn't Ricky that rigged the house. It was Blaine. And yes, researching people's pasts is sooooo necessary. That way you'll know what you're working with.

    Trina: Thanks, girl. I'm trying to get Blaine's background all the way out in the opening in a constructive manner, so everybody can at least understand his madness. For some reason, it's hard for me to write about his background. I get depressed almost every time. :(

  6. Blaine had a sad life and it continues to progress to worst - it seems he likes the way he is dealing with his pains, and the more he hurt or keep someone else down he is happy with that - he is still and empty man....he lives for manipulation revenge -

  7. Ms. Jo-Jo: Yes, Blaine gets some form of sick enjoyment out of revenge. It makes him feel empowered, less like a victim.

    Did anyone notice yet how Blaine is basically mimicking his stepfather on the preaching tip? He learned how to captivate a crowd from the ex-priest.

  8. Latrice9:57 AM


    Forgive me girl it was Blaine, I think the tired I had going on last night had me gone. I was out of it! Anyway, yes Blaine really did mimick his stepfather!

    I was coming back to speak on that, Blaine's stepfather, a preacher/priest- and we wonder why some people don't go the the "church house". Have we ever considered as men and women of God and just people of God how our actions can draw or drive people? Yes, it's their own individual choices ultimately but have we considered what we've done to influence those choices?

  9. Latrice: All is forgiven, girl. We all get tired sometimes. Thanks so much for privately pointing out that 'dangerous' typo. I fixed it immediately.

    So true about our ability to influence others for good or bad. A lot of the 80-90's sex scandals in the church drove a lot of people away. Church membership and attendance went plummeting down.

    That's way it's important to recognize that people are human and to place your faith in God more than in man. So when bad stuff happens in the church/Christians lives, you're still firmly planted in your Savior and not tempted to backslide just because somebody else did.