Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 23.2

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  1. To all: I decided to make this last post longer. For some reason I struggled with it, though it was supposed to be a happy end to the chapter. I think my research is what frustrated me the most about it.

    Here's why...

    1. I had a hard time finding dancing videos that featured amateurs. Particularly videos that had big girls in them.

    2. I'm starting to realize that quality material in any industry with big girls as the main point of interest is a scarcity. That makes me sad.

    3. I even have to search hard for clothing websites that feature apparel that a strong, sexy, independent woman like Subrina/Bree would even want to wear. Many of the websites have clothes that cover up EVERYTHING and look like frocks. Not good for a fashion conscious woman.

    4. It has become crystal clear to me that the world as a whole does not celebrate big people. Since I've never been much of a following of nonsense, I'm going lead the way in whatever way I can to celebrate those in the double digits. Thus there will likely be even more stories featuring big girls and guys from me in the future.

    Just thought I'd share that with y'all. Okay, off my soapbox. :) That's all until Monday.

  2. I like that....a dance off. I can't dance to save my life but I can do two-step...hey!!! What's up with Suga and Neelam? Everytime I read a romantic moment the LOVE BOAT theme song runs thur my head.(oh crap!! ah well!!)

  3. Latrice10:00 PM

    Great scenes! Love the dance off, that would have been right up my alley but i'm with cinquetta- I would have had to step or cha cha because that's about it for this sister. Now a sing off would have been a whole nother story lol. Suge and Neelam- can't wait to read more on this, as Mr. Brown would say, I likes it!

    Blaine is a mess- look at how he plans to use his position to manipulate and control the situation and the people (Suge and Neelam). Interesting he was doing that with Victoria too considering he said she's easier controlled when she's happy. Do we overlook things when we're happy? Is our happiness so unbalanced that it gives others an inroad to control or manipulate us? HMMMM? Something to ponder...

    Good to see that side of Victoria that wants peace among the women and that side of her that resembles more of Avalon's character. Bless her heart though, she got so caught up in the moment, she missed Blaine's reaction to Suge and Neelam. Always the reminder that even in the good times, we still have to be watchful, not that something just has to happen but so we aren't caught off guard.

    Suprina- Your research is so indepth so I can see how you could have gotten discouraged but be not dismayed, your work in not in vain. You are pouring into lives that otherwise may never be reached on this level so remember that it's all for a purpose and it all works together for your good!

    Well back to my family, just had to break away to get caught up!

  4. Anonymous10:30 PM

    i love the dance off and kid and play dam that was the dance wish i could do it lol. I just the unlce has a heart attack and die lol can't stand him. great story girl and thanks for the updated

  5. iof youre part of the two-step crew put you hand up!

    heeeey lol :P

    no shame in the game

  6. Cinquetta & Lilo: Ain't nothing wrong with a little or a lotta 2-step. I do 2-step sometimes myself, though the kids in my life keep me up to date on the latest dances. I've been doing the Stanky Legg lately,, even though that quickly going out of style in my neck of the woods. lol.

    Cinquetta: I have no idea why The Love Boat theme song keeps popping up in your head.I think it's hilarious though. LOL!!!

    Anon: I love that Kid N' Play dance myself. Can't do it too well though. LOL!!! I ocmpletely understand your feelings about Blaine. Ain't mad at ya for having them. He's a snake!

  7. Latrice: I responded to your comments by separately because I knew my response was going to be longer.

    First off, I'm glad that you enjoyed the dance-off. Since I know that you're a singer (the girl can REALLY blow, y'all), I understand why you would prefer a sing-off instead.

    Suge and Neelam is a wait and see moment. I'm still deciding what to do with them. If I hook Suge up with someone in this story, she won't have her own book. So the whole thing is still up in the air at this time.

    Your points about Blaine are accurate. I love these quotes: "Do we overlook things when we're happy? Is our happiness so unbalanced that it gives others an inroad to control or manipulate us?"

    I've pondered those quotes and realized that in writing what I did about Blaine, God revealed a flaw in me. Yes, like Victoria, I overlook a LOT of things when I'm happy. Now I can see how I've been taken advantage of because of it. Well, that STOPS today!

    I'm still in awe of how God got that message to me. Amazed that I didn't pick it up while I was actually writing it, but only after someone repeated what I'd written back to me. Wow!

    Thanks a bunch for highlighting those things, Latrice. I'm on it now.

    As for Victoria, she really is a nice lady. Her morals are a little off though, but it's understandable considering her past.

    Thanks also for the encouragement, Latrice. That research stuff really was getting to me. I needed that remainder that my work was not in vain...even my research. Maybe seeing other plus-sized woman wearing garments that are elegant, classy, and yes sexy will cause more big girls to come out of their shells. Not to reveal more flesh (I don't even agree with the skinny girls walking around half-naked), but definitely to embrace their femininity.

  8. Latrice10:46 PM

    Suprina-Glad I could be encouraging! We have to do that for each other!

    I feel you on the Suge and Neelam portion so I'll be waiting to see how God leads you for them.

    The quotes: I had to ponder those things as well just as quickly as God reminded me of them. I'm in agreement with you that it STOPS TODAY! Even in happiness, we will be able discern those spirits that are of God and that are not! I'm always in AWE of God because HE never ceases to amaze me.

  9. Subrina and Caesar are too funny. LOL

    I do not like Blaine at all! That man gives me the chills. I hope Victoria wakes up soon to all of his evil deads.

    I cannot wait to see how the Suge and Neelam thing is going to work out.

  10. Latrice: :) Thanks again for the reminder and encouragement.

    Paula: I'm glad you're liking this couple. I try to create couples that know how to have fun together.

    Can't stand Blaine...very evil man. I'm waiting to see how things with Suge and Neelam work out too. Got ideas rolling around in my mind, but nothing is standing out as the right direction to go in with them, so I'm in waiting mode on that story twist. It'll come before the story is over. It HAS to come. Thanks in advance for working that out, JESUS! :)

    lol. Paula, sometimes you just have to stop and pray over a story. lol.

  11. I'm enjoying everyones comment, i like that Suge and Neelam are friends, I hope they have just that a genuine friendship not sexual - just my thought!

  12. Ms Jo-Jo: Right now Suge and Neelam are just friends with a strong possibility of being lovers. We'll see how it goes with them as the story moves along.