Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 26.3

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  1. To all: That's it for now. Yes, I know you're on a hook. But a sista must rest her fingers now and mentally get ready to write Subrina and Caesar first complete love scene. Oh yeah, they are finally going to DO IT. lol.

    So I need to give that scene my all. I can't do that with the drowsy mind that I have now (been up writing and researching since 3am this morning).

    So check back later tonight (after 9pm hopefully) for more updates.

    Coming up next:
    ~ Subrina and Caesar finally make love...not sex.

  2. Alrighty now!!! - I love hipsandcurves website they have some really nice stuff - how did she know to pack that g-string for this assignment or did she go shopping?? I'm happy for Caesar and Bree - i'm wondering can she keep the lies together, although they are for a good cause, she rolling them off quite nicely ;)have a good rest and

  3. oooo my! rest up Prina!

  4. Ms Jo-Jo: Subrina bought that g-string during one of her Nevada shopping sprees.

    Bree will do her best to keep it all together, but it's going to be very hard at times.

  5. Comm/Girl: I will after I catch up on comments first.

  6. Hey everybody sorry that I haven't been commenting much but I have a lot of studying to do plus 4 tests this week...Prina I'm loving this chapter and I must say it's about time...lol...Now as for Karianne I was left speechless and I think she's in the closet and really wants Subrina...You're doing a great job researching I love the clothes and under garments that Subrina are wearing...I will be checking back soon for an update.

    P.S. As for men with big feet girl I got fooled big time...rofl...It's not always true.

  7. Subrina: Glad you made time to chime back into the story. I know school has you strung out these days. Keep up the great work!

    As for Karianne, can't really speak on that right now. Everybody will just have to wait and see.

    Thanks to you (and everyone else) who noticed my researching efforts. It really makes me feel so appreciated for some reason, though I would still do it even if no one ever noticed.

    Yeah, that men with big feet myth is just that - a myth. I've been fooled, too, girl. But sometimes...sometimes it rings true. Let's hope it does in Caesar's case. LOL!!!

  8. oh they about to get it on like a scone... I was so shocked at Bree's very daring and confident attitude... She really doesnt mess about... Her confidence is something to be admired... Glad she made things right with Caesar...Off to bed for me... Have a gud night!

  9. Kim: Yeah, Bree don't play. I think she takes after her grandmother. Have a good rest. Hopefully I'll have some scrumptious posts waiting for you when you wake up.

    P.S. I love TLC's first photo shoot. That little lad is very photogenic.

  10. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I love the story the kiss and it about to be on lol. i like the slick lie she came about the kiss. thanks for the updated.

  11. It's about to go down!

  12. Latrice10:19 PM


  13. Trina: Subrina had to find some way to heal C's hurt and NOT blow her cover. That well thought out lie did it.

    Paula: Yep!

    Latrice: Oh yeah!

  14. lies,lies and mo lies....if and when Ceasar learns the truth, Bree will be in too deep. Only thing that will save her will be the passion/electricty btn them ....then again, maybe nt

    Now Suprina, that kiss sounds like someone will need rescusitation later...great going

  15. Waboni: Oh yes, the truth will come out sooner than later. So many folks will be hurt when it does.