Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 25.3

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  1. Latrice7:19 PM

    Well if it ain't one thing it's another so the saying goes...

    I somehow completely skipped over this section so I had to back track, probably in my haste to find out just what was going to happen. I'm glad that even though he was angry, disappointed and hurt, he did not cause a scene.

    I can imagine that he is straight devastated! HMMM!

    Ricky-we finally see more of the human side of him or the softer side of him should we say. Good to know that he does realize that Victoria did play a very important role in his life.

    Blaine- It would be just like him to stay at the P Ranch. I can just about guess where he's going AGAIN!


  3. Anonymous11:59 PM

    that sad what happen to his aunt i thought he was about to tear that diner up seeing that kiss lol but glad he didn't. thanks for the updated.

  4. Latrice: C handled himself good at that diner. I'm right proud of the boy for holding it together and not making a scene. Yes, he is devastated. :( I'm going to make him feel better very soon. tee-hee.

    As for Ricky, he ain't all evil. Blaine is another story. He's like 90% evil and 10% human. lol.

    Paula: I understand your anger. Hopefully the name chapter will cool some of that down.

    Trina: Thankfully Caesar was able to hold it together. Whew! That was a close one though.

  5. I hate that Caesar is hurting, he needs some comfort ASAP!

    I hope Victoria survives this story she is the center piece of a lot of drama and it makes me uncomfortable.

    I know Ricky is upset about what is happening to Victoria right now... but it is still selfishness. it is still all about him. If it weren't then he wouldn't be helping Blain take over the P ranch.

    Blain is a pig! oink! oink! oink! I can not wait till he gets what he deserves. I agree with Latrice. He will NOT be waiting for is wife alone.... he is going right back over to Suge! Pig! Pig!

  6. Comm/Girl: Victoria is suffering, but she doesn't have to. She controls the money at the ranch. She can close up shop ANY time she gets ready. But does she want to be free bad enough to do what it takes to get that liberation?

    Ricky's not helping Blaine take over. If Vickie dies, he's going to get the business anyway since that is part of his inheritance. Ricky is just allowing himself to be influenced the wrong way, which will eventually run the place into the ground.