Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good News!

One of my short stories (A Family Affair) has been featured in BELOVED MAGAZINE, the edgy new on-line magazine that takes you on an enchanting & enlightening walk through love, romance, relationships, passion, sexuality and sensuality - all from a Christian perspective.

Although my story is featured on pages 28-32, read the whole magazine because it’s just THAT GOOD! Thanks for your support. Hugs!

Here’s the link to view the current issue of BELOVED MAGAZINE:


Monday, May 16, 2011

VOD Blog Story Started!

Just a quick note to let everybody know that the latest VOD Blog story (Sweet Lips) has started. Mocha Interlude Fan Club Members may use their FREE PASSES to get into this private site.

To become a member of this club and receive your own FREE PASS, visit the link below:

Otherwise proceed to the following link to purchase access into the current story:

Now here’s a little blurb about Sweet Lips:

Cheena is used to keeping secrets and she's good at it, too. She kept one from her grandmother for years. She's keeping another from her online friends. However, the secret that Dillon wants her to keep is one with the potential to destroy her very soul.

Sound interesting to you? If so, come join us on the VOD Blog!


Thursday, April 21, 2011



Here's a fun chance to win a FREE e-book from my collectible and current catalogs. The name of the game is TELL THE TALE. It can be found in the NOTES section on my Facebook page.

If you’re not already one of my FB friends, please FRIEND ME in order to participate in the contest. Here’s the link to do so: (

The TELL THE TALE contest rules are below…

·        Read the daily excerpts that I post to my FB status and guess the name of the Suprina Frazier/Mi’Chelle Dodson book that it was taken from.

·        All guesses MUST be posted in the comment thread. Inbox guesses are null and void.

·        The 1st person to guess correctly wins a FREE e-book from my collectible and current catalogs. Your choice! (Excluding Pretty Packages and Someday).

·        If you guess the correct names of the characters too, you win 2 FREE e-books. Again, Your choice!

·        No repeat winners in the same week in order to give everyone a fair chance to win a freebie.

·        TELL THE TALE contest will run all this week – April 18-22, 2011 (which means the contest is ALREADY in session at the time of this post, so run on over and jump right into the pool with the rest of us. lol).

·        New excerpts will be posted around 6pm EST.

Helpful links:
·        Facebook link:
·        Collectible catalog link:
·        Current catalog link: