Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 45.4

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  1. That's it for tonight.

    Coming up next:
    ~The haters rear their ugly heads.
    ~Caesar meets someone from Subrina's 'real' life.

  2. Latrice9:02 PM

    Ceaser is about to meet Sabrinas granny.

    She's really struggling right now with loving him but having to leave him later. But she's going to enjoy it for now. Tell the truth girls, have you ever had a for now moment? Sometimes they last longer than we thought and other times, well???

  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    oh crap wonder what casear going to meet from S past that going to be instersting. love the story girl it fun exicted and alot fact too. thanks for the updated.

  4. Latrice: Is that your best guess about which relative C is about to meet? How did you come to that conclusion? And yes, I have had a few 'Now' moments over the years. lol.

    Trina: You'll see soon enough who the mystery relative is. tee-hee. Thanks for the compliments, girl.

  5. Is the term "knocking boots" appropriate now? lol!!!!

  6. I wonder who it will be, I think Subrina granny also, she the only one who can keep a secret if she knew - as for a "now" moment yes I have, Oh my those boots are the bomb for real - bring on the haters!!!

  7. Kim: Yes, I believe that term is appropriate. tee-hee.

    Ms. Jo-Jo: Another vote for Nana. You'll see soon enough how close or how far off you and Latrice are. lol. I'm feeling those boots too, girl.