Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 16.2

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  1. Feeling better this morning. Thanks for all your prayers and kind words. I left you a long post to get your Saturday off to a good start.

  2. Latrice7:31 PM

    So glad you're feeling better! Loved this chapter and even the advice that Blaine gave Ricky.

    Interesting about Ricky's past-can't wait to dig a little more in that and exactly WHAT did he do to LEESHA???

    I wonder if Ricky will really heed the advice of Blaine.

    Blaine is a mess in a half messing around with Mercedes and she is another candidate to be demoted because she's haughty already and she just got there.

    Suge- now we understand the whole demotion thing and her connection to Blaine...hmmmm, wonder what kind of secrets she knows as a result of her affair with him that might help Bree...

  3. wow this puts so much into perspective!!!!!! its quite sad that people who heap abuse onto others were victims of abuse themselves... and i think when you start to realise that the perpetrator was a victim too, its starts the process of forgiveness... or well i atleast hope so... Ricky's is being held captive by the hurt of his abuse (thats the idea i gathered from this post?) and his abusiveness towards Leesha....

  4. Latrice: Thanks for the well wishes. You'll find out more about Ricky's past later. There's also more to be learned about Suge. I can't stand Mercedes right now. Maybe she'll grow on me like Cami did.

    Kim: So true. Hurting people do hurt people, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. We have to forgive them either way...if for no other reason than to release ourselves.

    You touched on another thing I wanted to discuss, Kim. Not only is Ricky a captive of his own hurt, but everyone else at the P-Ranch is too. Even Subrina. Remember that girl still hasn't cried yet and she's only allowing herself to grieve in spurts.

  5. so true girl, the psychologist in me wants to come out lol!!!! my heart does break though for victims of abuse....
    Fos Subrina's sake i hope that she doesnt think that by taking the p-ranch down that she wont have to grieve, she still needs to let it all out...

  6. Kim: Subrina is not really allowing herself to grieve UNTIL she brings that ranch down. She's using her anger and bitterness to fuel her mission. That's another problem in and of itself.

  7. Latrice7:39 PM

    Kim- good insight about Ricky and people in general when it comes to hurting people. So true that's why those of us who have been hurt should take extra care with those around us so we don't inflict our pain onto them. We don't always do that but it would help if we did.

    Prina- I know subrina is using that anger and lack of grieving to fuel her mission and the sad part it alot of people do this. Our motives are good but fueled by the wrong things. Oh, Good lesson girl!

  8. Latrice: So true and Thanks. :)

  9. Anonymous4:59 PM

    wow can i just say that the cosin and ricky are just some diguesting people. they dont know what love is how they treat woman. thanks for the updated.

  10. Anon: Neither Blaine nor Ricky know what love is.