Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 38.1

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  1. I'm agreeing with Subrina "I could have slept in my own room" but I know that he wants to show her how much of a gentlemen he could be. Especially being a hardcore thug when she first arrived. Subrina probably will be in control of the next round with her hot they through for the night Prina????

  2. Subrina: You'll see in about 30 minutes. I'm editing that scene now.

  3. Anonymous8:08 PM

    wow so C wanted to sleep actually sleep lol but i think see where he going he wanted to show her he can put it on her like no other but also show her the gentle side to him. thanks for the updated.

  4. Trina: C didn't really want to sleep, but he was willing to do that if need be. I like that he showed her that he could be a gentleman, too. Some women need to have both in a relationship. I certainly welcome both.

  5. Latrice12:41 PM

    That sleep thing threw me for a second too but I thought to myself, it's really about to be on now. She's seen one side, now the gentleman side so surely there is more to C so truly it's about to be on like popcorn!

    I see Bree was still "working" even in this moment as she garnered information from her conversation with C. Always on task even when she seemed not to be. Like that.

  6. Latrice: Bree is forever working on this case. This thing has almost consumed her whole life. I look forward to when her assignment is over (not necessarily the story) so that she can concentrate on other areas of her life.