Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 39.1

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  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I knew her boss was feeling her i just had that gut feeling i hope she gets over her crush over this woman before she mess up a good friendship. Dam C and her are some freaks lol but he worn her that he was going to make her his woman. thanks for the updated.

  2. I knew that heifer was a dike...OMG!!!Prina you've threw me for a loop...Karianne had to relieve herself in the bathroom for a WOMAN...ugh...Please make Subrina aware of this so she can always be on guard around her...A sneaky hoodwink...If she try Bree again please let her beat Karianne like she stole something.

    (Okay real Subrina take deep breaths and calm down)

    Subrina made Ceasar break the headboard now that's what's happening...Suprina when he replaces the bed let him put up a pole in the bedroom for Bree(just a suggestion)lol...If Subrina haven't realized it she has a boyfriend now and it's on and popping.

  3. Trina/Anon: Yep! You were right about Karianne. So right. lol

    Subrina: I think the PC term is 'lesbian' for what Karianne is. But I definitely knew what you were talking about. lol.

    As for fake Subrina, she knows what's up. She picked up on that jealousy thing. She's going to tread lightly in area from now on, the same as she would if she just discovered that a MALE boss was crushing on her.

    No stripper pole this time around, but definitely something else is going in that bedroom. You'll see soon enough. tee-hee. Yeah, me thinks the girl got a boyfriend now, too. LOL!!!

  4. Latrice1:00 PM

    I knew it way back when she kissed her, she really wanted to. K relieving herself in the bathroom, well alrite, im with the real subrina, that definitely was a loop. A good one though! That would be something to see on the movie screen.

    Wow, now Bree can have her Man but keeping him is where we know her challenge is truly going to come!

    Can't wait to see how that works out.

  5. Latrice1:02 PM

    Oh shut I can't forget about this, They broke the headboard into two pieces! getting me some daydreams prina, keep it up girl! That's some if loving you is wrong i don't want to be right business right there.

  6. Latrice: You commented twice, so this post must have really got you going. LOL!!!

    It seems everyone had Karianne pegged right from the start. Dang! I got to learn how to hide my clues better. lol.

  7. Whew - Karianne got a jones on for Bree, kinda thought so with that kiss - wasn't all show for business sake - breaking the headboard that was funny - she definitely got a boy friend for real!!!

  8. Ms Jo-Jo: Welcome back from your trip! Hope it went well.

    As for Karianne, she is a bit trifling. You'll see what I mean in the days ahead.