Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 45.1

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  1. Okay, Blaine had a sad, painful, crazy, childhood, but i'm gonna beat him down later!!!

  2. Paula asked me to post her comment because she's currently having technical difficulties. That fiery comment is below (lol):

    Paula said...

    "I know he did not try to coerce Victoria into firing my girl!

    Dis man mad or wha!

    I feel sorry for the little boy who was sexually molested but not dis grown Ja^& &*^!"

    Grow up you immature Jerk!

  3. Latrice8:34 PM

    All I will say about Blaine's attitude towards his mom is I understand. As for what he went through in trying to tell her, I understand. Amazing that the very people we think we can go to sometimes turn out not to be the right ones but most likely Blaine's mother was just another part of the cycle of hurt so in her hurt, she hurt him even further. Not excusing her actions or Blaine's as an adult by strongholds are real and they do flow from one generation to another until they are broken.

    Paula- I'm with you on Blaine trying to get Bree fired! That right there make a sista want to choke him to sleep.

    One other thought, when people come to us, we must be sensitive to what we say to them because we can cause that hurt to go even deeper rather than be healing to them. Words do hurt people.

  4. Anonymous8:51 PM

    i feel bad for him being molseted my self as child and still have to dell with it. Blanine is still evil man and it comes back to haunted you when you do wrong. thanks for the updated.

  5. Ms Jo-Jo: I look forward to that beat down. lol.

    Paula: The girl done went and pulled out some of the island lingo. Yeah, you hot with Blaine. lol.

    Latrice: Those generational curses ain't no joke. I was just talking about a few in my own family just tonight.

    Trina: I'm so sorry that happened to Yep, sadly that is part of my past as well.

    Thankfully, I didn't get raped, but the inappropriate touching was still traumatic. On top of that, it had the ability to rob me of my childhood. No child should have to deal with adult situations before they are ready.

  6. This is what i'm talking about... digging deeper into the person - i love it!
    and its truly saddening that his mother was so desperate and the real sad part that there is so many women who do that hold onto a man and it affects the child so MUCH... i'm not sure if you saw the film... woman thou art loose with TD Jakes in it... this is a very similiar situation in terms of the abuse...with the mother blaming it on the child!

    Girl thanks for touching on issues like this its really helping me with my psychology degree lol... preparing me better for my exams;)

  7. Kim: (BIG GRIN) I'm excited that you're finding help even for school from this story. Yay!!! I love a story that can entertain me, enlighten me, AND help me with schoolwork. LOL!!!

    Yes, I did see Woman Thou Art Loosed and I LOVE IT! The messages in that film were strong and so relatable to so many people.