Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 38.2

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  1. That's all for today.

    Coming up next:
    ~ Some of Karianne's true colors are shown.
    ~ Ricky discovers one of Bree's secrets.

  2. Anonymous8:12 PM

    omg what is ricky going to know about bree? something tells me that kariannes is feeling S big time or she sleep with uncle Blaine? thanks for the updated.

  3. Trina: I can't answer those questions. You'll just have to wait and see tomorrow. :)

  4. Latrice12:48 PM

    Lust will get you caught up everytime. It will have you doing all kinds of things, all kinds of places. That's real talk. It clearly made Bree overlook the obvious out that C was "trying" to give her although he wanted her all the way in. How many times have we overlooked what we really needed to do because we just had to do what we wanted to do. And how many times have we known the potential consequences and simply said oh well.

  5. Latrice: I've been caught up with lust in the past. It cost me dearly. :( Wouldn't advise it for anyone. I like being caught up with love much better. :)