Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 47.4

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  1. That's all for tonight. That's also all for the free blog.

    On Monday the NEW POSTS WILL BE ON THE PAID BLOG (VOD blog).

    Coming up next:
    ~ Subrina has to get her sisters out of that party before she get there, lest they blow her cover upon sight.
    ~ Blaine has to deal decisively with Binky.
    ~ Caesar is in for a few surprises. Ricky is, too.

  2. Suprina I'm new to your work I came across your info on Sylvia Hubbard's site. I can tell you I'm glad I did you are off the chain. I love the way you give the links to show us what everyone looks like and so many other things. You're work is awesome. I've already paid for the VOD and I can't wait for Monday to get here!!Both dresses were very pretty but I loved the red dress. This story's really about to blow up....Thanks for the qualoty work. Dedicated new fan!

    I hope Suprina don't put it on C to bad. lol

    The twins are kinda skanky so they deserve whatever she dishes out to them.

    The same goes for Ricky that boy needs a good old fashion BEAT DOWN shero style.

  3. Tari: Welcome abroad!

    I can't thank Sylvia enough for all the shout-outs she has given me on her site. She's been a true blessing to me in so many ways. I'm also a fan of her work. :)

    I'm so thrilled that you have enjoyed your experience thus far on this blog. I think you'll find the VOD blog even more "off the chain". lol. We REALLY let our hair down over there. tee-hee.

    The red dress is my favorite, too. I would so wear that. :)

    As for C & S, the twins, and Ricky, you'll see what happens with them on Monday. I'm cooking up something a little special for Mercedes, too.

    Thanks for being such a dedicated new fan.

  4. Latrice12:28 AM

    I LIKES IT! Bree is going to Vegas! That would be me all day, I would be THERE!

    I'm so glad that Bree had some time to really think about that whole picture issue and has calmed down some. And our girl is always, always thinking-good move on the sweat suite.

    I can't wait to see what you got planned for Mercedes, I been waiting for this trick to go DOWNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

  5. Anonymous12:58 AM

    well girl it was so much reading this story up to this point the dram the laugh and everything btween love it. thanks for letting me be part of it. Can't wait to see C face when he see his woman. thanks for the updated.

  6. Latrice: I'm all in for a trip to Vegas, too!

    I put that sweat suit thing in there at the last minute, because it dawned on me that if she left the P-Ranch decked out in that red dress, somebody was going to suspect something and get to making some calls.

  7. Trina: I'm glad you had fun up to this point. The fun is just beginning, girl!

  8. Serenity7:56 AM

    Yay, I have finally caught up and so much has happened!

    Thank you for giving us more insight on Ricky and Blaine. I truly feel sorry for them and it's sad that nobody realized what was going on with Blaine and could help him. At least he was there for Ricky and could support him but the man went about things wrongly and still is! The twist with his granddaughter was unexpected! I hope she knows WHO she is dealing with seeing how her grandmother spilled some beans about him...

    I'm so glad that Bree finally admitted that she loves Caesar but in the same time I curse her because of the inevitable problems heading their way =(

    Looove the story and promise you I will not fall way behind has I did before, lol!

    Just one question - did I remember correctly when you told us four people are going to die?

    Thank you BG and take care!

  9. Serenity: You made some great points about Blaine. As for Binky, right now she just wants out of her poverty.

    And yes, there are definite problems headed Bree and Caesar's way.

    Yes, you remember correctly about the number of doomed folks.

    Be blessed and THANKS for reading along!

  10. I admire Subrina's command over her emotions. :)

  11. Serenity6:08 AM

    And Leesha is not counted as one of them?

  12. Comm/Girl: Yes, that's ONE area of her life that she has in control. She doesn't have it all together in every area though. Who does?

    Serenity: A TOTAL of four people will die in this story. Leesha is one of them, which means three more to go.