Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pulling Him Back - Letter To Readers

When I originally laid down the foundation for this book, it went in a totally different direction. Racie and Meak didn’t get together until near the end of the story and that was only after a horrific plane crash that he miraculously survived. However, during the revision process, all of those scenes got deleted and were replaced with what you see now.
I realized that keeping them apart for so long was pointless and made the story drag. This story took the longest time to finish as it was due to all the other demands in my life, one of which was completing graduate school.
Note to self: Never try to write another LIVE story with that much schoolwork on your plate. *smile*  
There are many themes at work within this story. Among them are sowing and reaping, how justice is meted out directly and indirectly, and how important it is to protect our children from pedophiles. Some ways to safeguard our children include:
·         Keeping the lines of communication open,
·         Becoming more involved in their activities,
·         Stop using social groups/places as babysitters,
·         Getting to know the people that have direct interaction with our kids.
On another more lighter note, since this story was mainly about how one woman kept a man coming back for more, I’ve included some things that made Racie unforgettable below:  
·         She cooked like a champ,
·         She was open to creativity in the bedroom,
·         Her feistiness and independent nature,
·         She didn’t cater to Meak’s ego,
·         She didn’t let him get away with bad behavior,
·         She challenged him to step up his game as a man,
·         She was a great listener,
·         She set good examples as a true giver and as a great friend.
If you notice, none of the things mentioned involve Racie’s physical appearance. Yes, men are visual creatures and thus will be attracted to any woman that turns them on, so please keep yourselves up to the best of your ability. However, the things that seem to keep a man coming back long after a woman’s looks fade are the things that come from within. I hope you receive that positive message along with so many others featured in Pulling Him Back.
Thanks for reading along with me!

Suprina Frazier/Mi’Chelle Dodson

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