Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 19.4

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  1. That's all for now. If I'm able to post more later, I will. Otherwise that's all for today. Enjoy!

    Coming up next:
    ~ Time for more sucky-face. lol.

  2. oooh sucky-face!!! Bree got a lot of good info.....

  3. Ms Jo-Jo: Yes, Bree got a LOT of good info. Avalon worked it out, didn't she? lol.

    Yes, some serious sucky-face coming soon. On a scale of 1 - 10, I estimate it's an 8 1/2.

    Word to Cinquetta: I know you would probably like for that scene to be a scorching 10, just remember that I DON'T write erotica, so I have to pull back some. lol. I think...hope you (and everyone else) will like that scene anyway.

  4. Suprina: you know we will enjoy the sucky-face scene, you tastefully write all of your sucky-face scenes so we can enjoy them.

    Now, thought provoking question:
    Is it just me or does the relationship Vickie have with Blaine remind you all of the twisted circumstances she endured at the hands of her father?

  5. E: Thanks for the confidence booster.

    Yes, Vickie's relationship with Blaine does mirror the one she had with her father. Sick, isn't it? They both were controlling her, just in different ways.

  6. YES! YES! YES! I am caught up. It be a trail. It suck been a computer dummy.(LOL) My daughter help me hooray for kids. That 's second reason why I have children.
    I have move on... Vickie is tough woman. All the abuse she suffer from her father hands. But she was brave enough to run away with her sister. Now her husband abusing their love. Maybe one day soon Vickie realize she deserve better.

  7. Latrice6:24 PM

    Can't wait for the sucky-face scene, Prina always brings it and as you said E- always tasteful.

    The relationship thing- yeah, Vickie seems to be just doing what she knows if you can feel me on that. Blaine may have come in another form but it's the same thing. And then let us not forget that Blaine claims to "love" Vicky, something she definitely didn't get from her father. It's amazing how the word love can help us and hurt us. Can't wait til Vicky has her lightbulb moment. I know there are many more twist and turns to come before then.

    Caesar is one snooping little man right now. LOL!

    Ricky- Blaine needs his head bust to the white meat! That's all I can say on that.

  8. I dig sucky-face moments. I like PG or PG13 scene and I can tolerate G rate scene. I enjoy X rate moments when its tasteful done but I go else where for those moments so I am good for now. Suprina do your thing b/c I not hatin' I am celebrate! You go girl!!!!

  9. Cinquetta: I'm glad you got all caught up with the story. Vickie is one tough cookie and yes, she does deserve better.

    Yeah, you'll have to get you X fix somewhere else. LOL! I don't get any further than R over here...and even then it might be considered PG-17 for some folks. LOL!!!

    Thanks for being so understanding and flexible.

  10. Latrice: Thanks for the compliment. I do my best with the sucky-face scenes.

    Yes, Vickie is basically only doing what she knows and/or was used to doing. Yes, there are many twists and turns up ahead.

    I think Caesar's snooping is cute. LOL!

    "needs his head bust to the white meat?" Somebody's been watching a lot of Tyler Perry. LOLOLOLOL!!!

  11. All caught up... ready for the suckie face moment... although suckie face moments normally cause me to become... quiet. :)

  12. Anonymous5:58 PM

    wow she got a whole lot info that she need and that good very good. i hope ceaser make it up to her big time. thanks for the updated.

  13. Comm/Girl: I remember how quiet you get during those scenes. LOL!!!!

    Anon: Caesar has to bring it if he wants to get back in good with Subrina