Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 43.3

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  1. Whoa!!!

    Caesar is officially not a lil boy anymore. Grab a hold Subrina, Caesar has just proven why he is not only kryptonite but 'Red Kryptonite'.

  2. To all: What y'all think is about to happen next? tee-hee.

  3. Jessie4:14 PM

    We are about to get a something-somethig unless someone has more willpower than we think. Just how late will they be for that dinner--really badly late???

  4. Awww Prina,

    I was actually going to do some work for the next 2 hours, then I saw your questoin. LOL!!!

    Ok, first thought based on the last 4 lines is that the Pandora's Box will stay open and they will continue making out and possibly be late for dinner.

    But then, the other side of my brain says that Caesar telling Bree he loves her is going to scare her back to reality and she will be forced to close the Pandora's Box, for now. Yea, she loves him, because he is showing his true colors, but she isn't. So his love is based on some untruths.

    Talk about heart stopping.

  5. Latrice7:24 PM

    Welcome back comm girl been missing you!

    E- I'm with you, now I'm going to be watching the post like a hawk for the next scene. And yes our boy just stepped over into manhood, let's see what that declaration is going to bring next.

    I knew he would probably show up. I love the way he basically wouldn't take no for an answer. That take charge moment was goooooddd!

    Now truly this could go one of several ways..Our girl could just go right on in with him because yes she loves him and make that declaration back, she could simply keep going in the direction they were headed (smile) and not verbally respond to him, or she may just pull all the way back because although she loves him, she still has a mission that has to be completed.


    Oh, I love that you included the lengths that Avalon was willing to go to for Subrina. She was willing to break her tradition or at least bend it some when it came to her meal preparation for the good of Subrina? Wonder would we sacrifice such a thing, some yes some no, some it depends but will we do it just because????

  6. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Wow ok may i say C got hottier he came over to pick her up to make sure his mothe dinner went well that she didn't bing eat herself and the his mom made some healthy food for as the hoildays nice. thanks for the updated.

  7. Comm/Girl: Welcome back! :)

    E: You're right, girl. C growing up. Didn't mean to interrupt your work plans. Red Kryptonite? Okay, now you know I got to find out exactly what THAT is.

    Jessie: A little something-something? LOL!!!!! Too funny!

    Latrice: Avalon is really showing S mad love for the way she changed her whole dinner for her. Now that's love in action! Come to think of it, Avalon has a tendency to break from the norm. Look at her subtle involvement in this case.

    Trina: I agree with you about C's hot factor going up, up, up. I got to reward that boy somehow. tee-hee.

  8. Latrice8:29 PM

    Suprina, you know you provoked a thought when you said love in action in your previous comment? Do we need to ask ourselves, where is the love? Many say the words but they are empty when you compare them to the actions that should be behind them but aren't. Now C has confessed his love, I can't wait to see it!

    Question for us all, can anyone see our love without having to hear the words?

  9. Latrice: Just let me know when and where you're preaching, because you got a 1,000 sermons to share. I LOVE it!

  10. Suprina: No apologies necessary for your posting schedule. you know a sister will shut everything down for one of your updates.

    And the red kryptonite was rarely used but it had different side effects and was thought to be a little stronger.

  11. E: *BIG GRIN*

    Thanks for the red kryptonite info. Learned something new today.

  12. Just thinking Latrice your question "can anyone see our love without having to hear the words?" reminds me of a song by a group Extreme "More than Words" - to me it always mean more when you can see the feeling in action before the words are said - you brought back a special memory of someone who passed away.... but this is a great song - gee no one suppose to see me cry***

  13. Latrice6:40 PM

    Jo Jo, glad that comment sparked some good memories for you, we all need those reminders of times when love was not only spoken but it was made known through action. Crying is therapeutic girl, let them roll, it's cleansing even when we don't know we need it!