Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 17.2

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  1. That's all until Monday, y'all. I'm going to respond to comments now.

  2. Latrice1:03 AM

    Good to finally see Sabrina dealing with her feelings toward what happened with Leesha. I knew this was coming, it will be interesting to see her go through the complete grieving process. Who knew she was even blaming herself on some level for Leesha's death. Wow!

    I also liked how Bree started to ponder on what made her upset with Caeser and wouldn't you know it, it was the altime favorite: Expectations!

    Expectations will get us everytime. Even those that we hold for ourselves!

    As for distracting herself-how often do we do this instead of just confronting the issue. We can't conquer what we don't confront! That's real talk.

    Now I gotta go find these clues about Avalon and Bree!

  3. Latrice: Yeah, Subrina had that one thing niggling at her soul about the night Leesha died. I plan to use that incident/her testimony to help someone else who has something niggling at them later in the book.

    You're so right about the expectations factor. That one thing will even have us mad with folks who haven't done anything wrong. Folks that we expected to do XYZ and they didn't because they can't read our minds and/or because they might have been so wrapped up in their own stuff that they couldn't discern our needs.

    (shakes head and shrugs)

    We'll all get it right one day...I pray.

    As for distracting herself with work, I took that from my own life. Sometimes I write the best scenes when I'm upset. I wrote a whole book one time (Pretty Packages) when I was upset for 2 weeks straight. It's been one of my best sellers ever since. lol.

    The only difference is, I tried to confront the issue during that 2 week anger period, but the other person didn't want to address it which left the relationship in limbo. As a way to deal with my frustrations, I poured my emotions into a book.

    Thanks for bringing out so many great points, Latrice. They were very helpful.

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    well it good to know that she did all that she could but no matter what she would had died any way. i think alot of us go thu that thinking we fail but you did your best. thanks for the updated.