Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 26.1

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  1. I'm so sad for Caesar, please give that man something soon!!! Still mad at Karianne, I understand but dang!!! Bree played it cool but I would be weary of what Karianne can do from now on......only fourteen curse words, girl twenty things came to mind instantly, Blaine ain't no good at all - Suprina write me in the story to go up to him and Slap the taste out his mouth please!!!! "the pretty stranger walks up to Blaine and Slaps the Taste out his mouth - then walks away".......

  2. Blaine is just NASTY.... he's an outright pathetic SLIMEBALL... can we pay someone to beat the living daylights out of him? aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!
    oh poor darling Caesar... Bree better make up with him very quickly!!!! i'm interested to hear how she handles this situation!

  3. Ms Jo-Jo: LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Girl, you had me bent over at the computer with laughter.

    Do you really want a walk-on part in the story? Because I can write you in later when Blaine's goes to jail. I can have you be that female guard that walks up to him, clocks him across the head with the butt of her gun, and walks away. Then when he asks why you did that, you can use that funny line from a 'What Happens in Vegas' scene and say, "YOU know why!"

    Just let me know, girl. I'm open and that scene would be so fun to write. tee-hee. I'll even give that guard your first name and everything.

  4. Please, Please, Please write me in!!! JoAnn is the first name, smacking Baine in the head is my game!!!!

  5. Ms Jo-Jo: lol. I got ya covered, girl. Your scene won't be for a long time though. We got lots of ground to cover before we take Blaine down.

  6. Kim: Looks like Ms Jo-Jo just volunteered for Blaine's beat down. LOL!

  7. OOOh i'm so ready, but i'm also patient, gonna marinate on what I want to do to him.......LOL

  8. Ms Jo-Jo: When you figure it out, let me know. I'll be happy to take into account anything 'special' you might want to do to Blaine through your character. tee-hee.

  9. Latrice11:40 AM

    Ms Jo Jo- GET HIM Girl! You beat me to the punch lol but I can't wait to read that Beat down! I was screaming when I read your comment!

    I feel Subrina on the cuss words but glad she maintained her self control for personal and professional reasons.

    Suprina, if you need a double team, you know im in..LOL

    I do feel bad for Caeser. Poor baby!

  10. "Blaine personally came to her room to relay the news." "he asked if she ...their staff by joining their stable of prostitutes."
    ... Ahhhhhh PIG!!!! I told you he was a pig!!!!! OINK!!!!

    "In order for a person to be devastated, he/she had to really care about something or someone. Deeply.".... to true!!! Poor Caesar!!!

    OMG! that is awful about Caesar's father!!!! Poor Cesar!!!!!

    "Caesar decided that he wanted to spare others the same pain and rejection that he went through."... he is sooo sweet! Work it out Sabrina! Work it out woman!!!

    I sooo agree with Jo Jo!!! "I would be weary of what Karianne can do from now on".... AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    @JoJo... LOL! I am sooooo waiting for JoJo to CLOCK that PIG on the head!!! It will be my favorite part of the book!

  11. Latrice: I'm open for a double team. You and Ms Jo-Jo can both be female guards that hem Blaine up in a room. Just let me know what special things you want done to him. I'm partial to a little eye-gouging myself. lol

    Comm/Girl: Yeah, Karianne is cause for pause. We'll see what happens with that later. It looks like there's gonna be a double team on Blaine because Latrice wants in on that beat down, too. LOL!!! And yes, Blaine is a PIG!

  12. Latrice2:51 PM

    Suprina: Let Jo Jo have him girl! My time will come!


  13. Latrice: Got it. We'll see your name up in lights in another book. Thanks for letting Ms Jo-Jo get her shine on alone this time around. Very nice of you. :)

  14. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Poor C i know how it feel to be reject by your father you think they care but they don't i hope she able to heal him. thanks for the updated.

  15. i vot JoJo in for the slap down. work it lol


    Jo-Jo we all got you back. You knock with your piece, we stomp him with our feets. That piece of garbage needs to be taking down. I would have cuss his ramm from here till next year with his nasty self.

    I feel very sorry for my bwoy. How could anybody turn away their child like that.

    My brother had an affair and produce a child outside of his marriage. His wife stayed by his side but deny him his right as a father and he accepts it. I told him when your wife decided to stay with you she accepted your cheating, lying behind and your child. If she did not want to accept then she should have left, that's what I would have done.

    I hope Caesar dad gets payback for the way he treated Avalon and him

    You reap what you sow!

  17. Latrice10:15 PM

    Suprina: Truly there is room for all of us, so as Paula said: Jo Jo we got your back girl!!!!!!

  18. Trina: I feel your pain on that father tip. I don't even know who my real daddy is, girl. But it's all good. I have a GREAT father-in-law that loves me as if he'd seeded me himself. :)

    Lilo: Yeah, Ms Jo-Jo gonna represent for all of us.

    Paula: Girl, you fire hot mad now for sure. You done pulled out the VI lingo? Oh yeah, you're mad. lol. Btw, I think that's good advice you gave your brother. Hope he takes heed to it one day. I'm still wondering what to do about C's dad.

    Latrice: I agree. :)

  19. OOh I was thinking (yes that is dangerous) since Caesar has stepsisters they ought to seek him out - hmmm find there big brother - just a thought :) Dad would be mad with that especially if one of them decides to move to Nevada....
    Ooh my girls got my back to put the "smack down" on Blaine - gonna watch me some prison movies.....LOL

  20. Ms Jo-Jo: Haven't really thought about what do with C's stepsisters. Don't know if I even should do anything with them. I don't want to make the book too long or water it down with too many side stories. I'll think on it. Thanks for sparking more ideas.

    Have fun watching those prison movies. lol