Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 44.3

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  1. That's all for tonight.

    Coming up next:
    ~Ricky calls Blaine on the ship and acts like a tattletale.
    ~More insight into Blaine's past is revealed.

  2. Latrice8:19 PM

    That Avalon is becoming right motherly and protective of Subrina. She pretty much told her in so many words, watch your back because it is not over with Blaine.

    In addition, that word of caution I'm sure is going to be used in the bigger picture to as this investigation continues.

    Ricky a thief! Wonder what else he's stole. HMMM???

    I knew the drama was coming- Ricky a tattletale, that's funny.

  3. Latrice: Avalon really is embracing Subrina as her own. She just ought to. She's the one that sent for the girl, so to speak.

  4. Caesar is going to need to be prayed up and when evrything comes to light.

    His need for male influence in his life is what blinds him to the truth about Ricky.

    Ricky is a theif amongst other things. I wonder how much more teeth is he going to loose when Caesar finds out about his ex-wife and the baby.

    As for Blaine what goes around comes around and he is going to reap what he sow.

    I wonder if Ricky realized that if Blaine was not in his life he would never have been another mans chick, incapable of loving someone or being such a punk!

    I love Avalon because she is a take charge kinda sista!

    Great post!

  5. Paula: Caesar's "...need for male influence in his life is what blinds him to the truth about Ricky."

    Now you floored me with that insight. So true. Although C knows a lot about his cousin, he still has a blind spot when it comes to him.

    I'm loving Avalon right about now, too, girl.

  6. Anonymous10:10 PM

    ok i love the bond she has with avalon she like a mother too her and C just love his woman. love the story girl and thanks for the updated.

  7. I like that Avalon is so motherly towards Bree, that strong bond is goin to be needed later for Caesar to get through the "deception for a good cause" - Ricky being a thief don't surprise me -- waiting to hear more insight on Blaine.....

  8. Trina: Thanks for continuing to enjoy the story so much.

    Ms Jo-Jo: I'm about to start working on those scenes with Blaine in them now. I hope to have some of them posted by 5pm, barring no interruptions on this end.