Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 15.3

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  1. That's all for now. I'll try to post more later tonight.

    Going to respond to comments now.

  2. Forgot to include...

    Coming up next:
    ~ Avalon finally meets Subrina.
    ~ We find out why Suge was demoted.

  3. I will be on edge of my seat all day :( - Caesar been played by Ricky the whole time - now let's hope he learn and grow from that experience - he gonna have to do alot to get that trust back - I believe he can do it!!! Suprina I look forward to whats about to happen next!

  4. Ms Jo-Jo: Yes, he was definitely played, but Caesar's smart. He bounces back pretty quick.

    You're going to be on the edge of your seat all day? Oh the pressure you just put on me! LOL!

    Seriously though, I plan on posting later tonight, so we both can relax.

  5. No pressure my sister, I got to get some work done anyway - I like how Caesar hung up on Ricky after he told him about the kiss, he knew that would get his cousin!!

  6. T-R-U-S-T that a word that can break or make a relationship. Subrina handled it just like I would but I know even though she sounded tough she was actually hurting because if you can't trust someone then you can't love, depend, or be relaxed around them. I'm glad that Caesar is realizing what he done wrong and hopefully to make it right. Now I know this a book and he'll regain her trust but in reality I don't see it happening.

    13 years ago my boyfriend at the time got another girl pregnant and was telling me that he was sorry and wanted to be with me but that chain of T-R-U-S-T had been broken and I did give him another chance but after about a week I couldn't get past that I couldn't trust him anymore and the love was gone.

    I believe that love is what makes a relationship grow but trust is the foundation.

    Now that's the real Subrina sad life story *smile*

  7. Let me start out apologizing for all the anger in this post...I am irritated, and I find it difficult to discern which part of my current irritation is with what is happening in the book or with the day that I am having... GRRRRR. So yall forgive me if I am over reacting my emotions are all jumbled together right now.

    Irritated with Sabrina, for not even allowing Caesar to explain! At least hear the man out before you toss him to the curve!

    Irritated with Caesar for agreeing to the challenge with Ricky in the FIRST PLACE and EVEN more irritated with him for telling Ricky about the kiss! To me that is just MORE indiscretion in order to save his pride! How is Ricky, Blane, and all the other nuts at the P(NUT)-Ranch going to use that info against them?!? What will Sabrina do when she finds out that Caesar goes blabbing to everyone about what they do in order to LOOK GOOD!? If he looks like a looser in their eyes then he just looks like a looser in their eyes! THEIR EYES ARE NOT THE EYES THAT CEASAR SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT! Sabrina's is!!!!

    Finally, I am irritated as HELL with Ricky! Must every person on the face of the earth be brought into your own personal HELL?!!! Are you so lonely there that you must recruit company!?! He is NOT a friend! He is NOT a cousin! And he CERTAINLY was not a good man for Leesha!! RICKY LOVES RICKY AND ANYONE WHO ENTERS TO CLOSE TO THAT BLACK HOLE IS GOING TO GET SUCKED IN!

    Again... I apologize if I am overreacting!

  8. @ Subrina: I agree with your decision to leave his trifling behind when you did. I practice a NO GO BACK rule in my life. That means once we break up that is it because a leopard does not change it's skin.

    @ CB: I am sorry you are having a great day. I am also a little bit upset that Subrina did not let him explain and lumped Caesar in the same whole as Ricky.

    She took more faith in Ricky's word that she took Caesars "I am Sorry."

    He apologized! Is Subrina really mad at Caesar? Or does Caesar remind her of someone.

    I am not mad that he told Caesar about the kiss. He gave him that information to let him know that he might have made him stumble on his road to Love but we will recover and redeem the woman of his heart.

  9. Ms. Jo-Joy: Yes, Caesar knew what would get Ricky's goat. tee-hee.

    Subrina: First of all, Wow! Thanks for sharing your testimony. I hate that you went through all that. Secondly, you're very in tune with the fake Subrina. She was hurting inside. She expected such things from Ricky, but Caesar? That stung since he's supposed to be such a nice guy.

    Comm/Girl: Today wasn't the best of days for me either, but no worries. Your irritation didn't bother me none. I don't expect any of you to agree with everything these characters do. I don't even agree with it all as I seek to make them multi-dimensional with very real human flaws.

    Yes, Subrina could have allowed Caesar to explain, but she was too angry to do so at the time. Too disappointed. We all have jumped the gun in some area of our lives, hung up on someone or severed relationship ties without giving people the chance to explain themselves. Only to find out later that things weren't the way we thought.

    And yes, Caesar probably should have kept that info to himself, but he's not perfect either and it's already been established that he had pride issues. No worries on that either. I'm going to help him work through those. He's likely going to have to learn those lessons the hard way though (spoiler).

    Btw, it wouldn't have mattered if Caesar kept his mouth closed or not about the kiss. There were enough witnesses to spread the news around town. Remember what Leesha said about the Woodlands having spies all over town. So all Caesar basically did was tell Ricky first.

    Hope that lessens your irritation or at least clears some things up, C/G.

  10. Paula: Subrina really is mad at Caesar...and herself. You'll see why soon enough.

  11. Latrice7:11 PM

    Ladies: This time I going to have to disagree with you on Bree's rebuke of Caeser. Sometimes people don't get the message or learn the lesson unless it comes very bluntly and it hurts! Unfortunately that's what had to happen to him because as we see Caeser started to question his very identity asking himself Who am I? Some people only get to this life changing moment in crisis. Now what I do belive is that at some point, she will give him the opportunity to explain but clearly he needs to earn it because we must remember that just because we have an issue doesn't mean other people should suffer for it.

    This time, both Ricky and Caesar had it coming. The difference between the two is their heart and their motives.

    Subrina: Sometimes things must be broken in life to break us so that God can make us. Not gonna preach but I feel your testimony and because your able to share it with so many unknown people clearly says you're healed and you are so right about that trust factor! You gotta have it in every relationship. My word of encouragement to all of us is just because we forgive them doesn't mean we have to fool with them!

    Paula- Yes he apologized and he probably truly meant or did he apologize because he got caught. Not just caught in this bet but caught up period in his own issues as well.

  12. Latrice: Yes, Ricky and Caesar had it coming. Not only was their hearts and motives different like you said, but check out their responses to Subrina's rejection. Ricky was about to start calling her out of her name, whereas Caesar immediately started to apologize. To me that also shows where their hearts are and the essence of their characters.

  13. Anonymous4:50 PM

    well cesar better find a way big way to make thing right btween them before he lose her forever. thanks for the updated.

  14. Anon: Yeah, he needs to do something.