Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 43.2

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  1. this is such a sad post!!!

  2. Jessie9:22 AM

    I feel sorry for her. What will C have to say when he finds out that he will not get to see her today? Do crazy??? Can't wait to see.

  3. I feel her pain. It's hard to resist what you love especially when it's so SEXY and right in front of your face. I believe in Ceaser though he will come through and get her take her home to his momma house and give her what she really needs (not that ladies) some time with people who care about her well-being (Avalon & Ceaser).

  4. Kim, Jessie, and Carmel B: No worries. Our girl is just going through a rough spot right now. But she's strong, remember? She'll bounce back from this quick enough. Trust me. This won't be the thing to truly humble her in this book.

    Carmel B: I'm grinning about your comment because now you're doing that THING. Ask the real Subrina and E/Evelyn what I'm talking about. They've been doing that THING ever since they started reading my stories. tee-hee.

  5. So Subrina and E/Evelyn what "thing" am I doing? Okay Suprina, I am patiently waiting for the next chapter or piece of story that I can get. As a side note I am loving the clothes that Suprina is wearing. I live in NC and the only shop they really have for big girls is Lane Bryant and although I love that store. It does not have urban big and sexy. I mean the apple bottoms, baby phat, etc. that I like to wear but can hardly find in my size. I hate to think that in order to find the clothes in the sizes I want I have to shop online. Ooh and that dress that she wore to the christmas party was just absoulty beautiful I would completely fell like the black cinderalla in that.
    Did I mention that your pics and songs at the end of the chapter just make the whole book to me. I mean when I read I usually get a pic in my head of what everyone and thing looks like, but your pic and song give me hearing and listening ability you just can't get anywhere else. I just went off on a rant hope I got my point across in all these words. :-) Keep up the Good Work Suprina!!!

    Can't wait for more,


  6. Hey Carmel B:
    'That thing' is when your comments hit too close to Suprina's notes before she can put them in the story. No worries, she will never spoil it for you or everyone else; she will usually shay 'no comment' or 'mum's the word'.

    So welcome to the club. It's not easy club to join with Suprina. So stay tuned and stay alert, she will definitely keep you on your toes.


  8. E: You explained the THING so well. Kudos to you. And there's a club for this thing? Okay, who started this club and how can I get in? LOL!!!

    Carmel B: Now you know you just hit my soft spot with your comments about my research (ie pics, music links, etc...). lol. Got me feeling like a marshmallow right about now. lol.

    I'm glad you're enjoying Subrina's clothes. Sad to say, there aren't many quality plus sized stores in my state either. At least not the urban big and sexy kind that we both seem to like. We do have a store in GA called Simply Fashions that offers some nice styles at a reasonable price. I'm usually able to find quality garments there as well. Don't know if it's the same case at every location though.

    You loved that Christmas dress, too? I wanted to write that Caesar followed her to her room and ripped it off, but I liked that dress far too much to actually cause harm to it. LOL!!!

    Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

  9. Suprina: LOL!!!
    Nah, not literally a club, just a figure of speech.

    But you know you are the ring leader, it is your works of art that we admire and we are just trying to get a complete understanding of the ins and outs of your stories.

  10. Latrice7:14 PM

    Butter Pecan Ice cream and pound cake-my favorite!

    It was sad seeing (reading) her so sad but those are real life moments and ladies you know that cake and ice cream factor is too. One thing we know about our character is even though she's having a sad or weak moment, it shall pass. Same in our own lives, those moments in life are almost destined to happen but they can make us strong if we allow them to.

    And we know our girl will bounce back because she's on a mission.

    As for C, yeah he's going to get her. If not, he's definitely going to be calling but we know how determined he is. LOL

  11. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Something tells me C not going to be happy camper. it sad she isn't going to the dinner she should so she can be around him and his mother. thanks for the updated

  12. E: LOL!!!! I knew what you meant. :)

    Latrice: Girl, I can HURT some butter pecan ice cream. LOL!!! And yes, Subrina's about to bounce back real soon. tee-hee.

  13. Trina: Don't count Bree out too quick now. lol.