Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 34.4

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  1. That's all for today. I hope you guys pay special attention to this post. I put all kinds of clues into it about things to come. And have you noticed my running gag yet? lol

  2. Okay so Blaine killed his mother and stepfather, his wife's father, burned down Suge house and will probably be responsible from some if not all the deaths that will occur in the story that will most likely be fire related that he'll either set himself or pay someone to. Since he has abandonment issue and Suge have already left him he'll kill Victoria if she tries to leave and probably try to kill Subrina for misleading him and setting him up or probably Ceasar too if he see's him as a threat.

    Subrina making love to Ceasar in her mind how cute and sexy...lol...Well the say the mind is a terrible thing to waste so may as well use it...rofl.

  3. Subrina: No comment about your educated guesses. lol.

    As for Subrina and Caesar, I got the real thing coming up about 2-3 chapters away. That boy is eventually going to break down all of her resolve so much so that she won't have to daydream no mo'. lol.

  4. Latrice9:04 PM

    Subrina: DITTO! I guessed all that you said plus Blaine may also kill himself because you know sometimes people do turn their madness on themselves.

    Prina- This was an awesome section. It was so full of info I'm going to have to read it again to see what I missed and definitely before I go onto the next chapter.

  5. Prina is that DJ a friend of Ceasar and knows that Subrina be in her room by that time everyday after work to keep playing that song at 6 pm?

  6. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Well hope that she able to get the real deal for C man soon very soon lol. that uncle is one sick man and can't wait to she take him down. thanks for the updated.

  7. WOW I miss a lot but at least I caught up. Suga and Naleem good for them. If Blaine did kill Vickie and Avolan father he deserve it. But take him down for his other crime.

  8. from a psychological perspective definitely sounds as if he got abandonment issues... and i have to wonder if he may actually have a disorder called pyromania... urge to start a fire... i mean why FIRE of all things? and i have to wonder if they may be any sexual abuse related to any reasons he wanted to start any of the fires except in the case of victoria coz we know her dad was a sick pathetic a-hole who inflicted much sexual pain on his daughter.

    hmmmm.... girl cant wait to find out next the suspense wrt to this mission is making me age before my time... i'm still so worried about caesar.... dang i need to get a grip!

  9. Latrice: No comment on your educated guesses either. lol. I love watching y'all try to figure the plot out. tee-hee.

    Subrina: You have discovered the running gag about the song, but your explanation of it is a little off. It'll all be revealed 3-4 chapters away.

    Trina: Yes, Blaine is sick, sick, sick!

    Cinquetta: Glad you caught up to the story. You're such a busy bee these days.

    Kim: Thanks for weighing in on the issue from a clinical standpoint. I didn't even know that word 'pyromania' existed. Now I got to go research it out and see what I can use for the story. Kudos to you for mentioning it.

    Also don't let this mission/story age you. lol. I'm trying not to allow it to take over my life too, because some days I literally forget to eat for working on this story (which ain't a bad thing necessarily if you're trying to take off a few pounds like me. lol). That's how engrossed I am with it. lol. However, I'm learning balance, so I speak BALANCE to your life as well as we complete this Big Girls journey together.

  10. thanks for the concern girl... its a bunch of things stressing me out... but i'll be alight.... God gives me a bit more strength everyday...
    pyromania is the urge to start a fire, a person with this disorder receives a release once he sees the fire... not sure if blaine was watching from a distance or if the need to just start a fire is enough....

  11. Kim: Hmmm...from the character profile that I wrote of Blaine, he is not fascinated with fire, but rather uses it for it's cleansing power, it's power to permanently remove that which offends or stains his life with irritation and pain. Can't tell you how he came to that revelation or why he twisted it to suit his own selfish purposes. That'll be revealed later.

  12. girl now u got me on another trip.... i'm going to stop dissecting these evil guys its taking up way too much brain activity...... *woosa*
    i'm going to exercise the little patience i have to wait for u to reveal it all... yeah bring it girl.... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHH

  13. Kim: LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  14. Latrice11:28 PM

    Now, here I am again with this chapter because as I said earlier, I'm sure I missed something in my first reading.

    Good to her ego but downright obstructive- Prina-I could just throw a book at you for that loaded statement. Do you know how many times things that are good for our "ego" present themselves to me and we surrender to them because it "sounds" good at the time but really it's a distraction or better yet a disaster waiting to happen. Her very statement says, yeah i like this and i may even want it but what is it going to do to my future and the things I HAVE to do?

    You opened up the door for my jealousy- that's an interesting statement but there are many people in this world that believe that because they have had sexual relations with a person or are in a relationship, they have the "right" to be jealous but jealousy is no pretty picture nor a monster to tango with. Jealousy, even though people oh it's cute, it's really not.

    No Real temporary positions- how many times have we said we're going to do something for a season or a reason and before we know, we find ourselves with more "seasons or reasons" to keep doing even more things, especially those things that are no good for us.

    That was alot of good info on Blaine's background which can truly help us understand him more although we'll never agree with what he does.

    One last thing- i cant have him in real life, but i can have him in my daydreams- I'm about to get me some DAYDREAMS! LOL!

  15. Latrice: I'm glad you revisited this post because sure enough you uncovered some wisdom nuggets that were hid therein.

    1. You're right on it with that 'good for her ego' quote and revelation. That's the same revelation I had about it.

    2. We tend to differ on that 'opened up the door for my jealousy' quote, but not by very much. Yes, 'people in this world believe that because they have had sexual relations with a person or are in a relationship, they have the "right" to be jealous', but let's go a step further and examine who's to blame for this 'implied' right - US.

    Despite what we may be saying with our mouths, when we sleep with a person or develop any time of soul tie to them, we open the door for good and bad things. Often jealousy is one of those things that comes boldly walking in. See, the time the other person spent in our zone, however brief, gave him/her a sense of ownership.

    That's why we have to be careful who we yoke up with on any level because people can become invested in us rather quickly. We also have to be careful that our words line up with our actions. It's contradictory to tell a man we don't want him and then sleep with him every time he comes around.

    3. That 'no real temporary positions' revelation you had is ON POINT!

    4. I think it speaks highly of us to understand where someone is coming from, even if we never agree with them. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Lastly, you tickled me about that daydreams thing. lol.

    Thanks for all the enlightenment, girl.

  16. Latrice6:41 PM

    Thanks back at ya girl- I clearly see and receive your revelation knowledge on that Jealousy issue! That's why we can't stop reading, you're always pouring into us! Appreciate you girl!