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Country Gal Gone Wild - Cast of Characters

Country Gal Gone Wild - Cover & Blurb

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Ruby was impulsive and wild. And Gavin loved every bit of it! Yet he had to help her hide that wild side, lest it tear her and her family apart…again.

If only helping her didn’t threaten to tear him apart inside. Would Ruby love Gavin enough to finally change her ways? Would she do it before history repeated itself? 

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Loving Contrasts - Chapter 20.1

After a long and yet amazing day at work, Chandler came home expecting to share a good meal, a relaxing night and some fantastic news with his wife. Instead he came home to a frazzled woman, family drama, and bad news. No dinner was cooked. Not even a pie was baked.
Ignoring his hunger pains, Chandler sat in the black recliner of the den and prayerfully listened as Inaya paced the floor and told him what Joe had done and what Uzuri attempted to do. He listened with quiet assurance that all was not what it seemed, especially after what Dr. Parsley, the genealogist expert, revealed about his personal history post-show.
“Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” Inaya said, stopping in front of him after he remained silent for a full minute once she was done talking.
“Yes, Joe is a punk and your mother is a bold-faced liar,” Chandler said calmly, standing to his feet.
“I agree on both things, but I don’t think Mama lied about everything,” Inaya said, returning to her pacing. “Not only did I see a mirror image of you on that photo she had, blue eyes and all, but I checked your birth certificate for myself. Your parents’ names were listed as Marguerite Jean-Baptiste and Jerry Murdock. Plus you were born in a small town called Truffleville, Georgia on the exact day she mentioned. The only thing that doesn’t add up is the fact that Mama said she gave her son up for adoption. Is it possible that your father told you that your birth mother willingly gave you to him, instead of sharing the harsh truth that he found out about your existence and then rescued you from an adoption agency just in time?”
“I’ve only been adopted once and my father told me the truth. Thanks be to God Who sees all and knows all, because I just so happen to have ready proof that you’re not my sister today of all days,” Chandler said. He reached into his rear pocket and pulled out the brown envelope that Dr. Parsley had given him after the show.   
Inaya stopped pacing again. She received the envelope and opened it with shaky hands. Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened in shock as the truth, the real truth about his paternity was revealed. “Oh my God!” she said, finally looking up at him with glossy eyes.

Chandler smiled. “Yes. Ain’t God good?”
“All the time.” She grinned.
“You ready to make a surprise visit to your mother’s house and get this nonsense cleared up once and for all?”
“Cool. But first we need to take a shower and get gussied up. Because afterward, we’re going out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate this victory God gave us over our enemies,” Chandler said. Then he took her hand and led the way to the staircase. “No weapon formed against us shall prosper. It won’t work,” he sang all the way upstairs.

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Loving Contrasts - Chapter 19.3

“At least you married a white man with money. That’s one good thing in this mess,” Uzuri said, looking around the impressive living room with its expensive furnishings. “However, your interracial marriage is not going to work out no better than mine did.” She settled her gaze upon Inaya and frowned.
“You were never married to anybody, Mama, much less a white man.” Inaya frowned, as well.
“I was. I just didn’t tell you about it,” Uzuri replied. “You just think I only dated Jerry Murdock. No, I was married to him.”
Inaya listened in shocked silence as her mother talked about her disastrous marriage with the white man that turned her against all white people as a whole. She knew some of the story already. She knew that her mother used to be named Minnie Seabrook thirty years ago. How she met a white soldier named Jerry Murdock who was stationed at an army base near the diner she worked at ever since she ran away from an abusive home at the age of sixteen. She also knew how Jerry and Minnie quickly fell in love.
What she didn’t know was that her mother eloped with Jerry after only knowing each other for three weeks. That by the time Jerry took her home to meet his parents in Georgia, she was already pregnant with their first child, but hadn’t told anyone yet. Needless to say, the Murdocks did not welcome Minnie with open arms. In fact, they downright rejected her and their son’s marriage and forbid either of them to ever visit them again.
Although Jerry and Minnie tried to stay together after that, so much damage had been done to their young marriage from intolerant people like his family, followed by rumors of infidelity, that they soon fell out of love just as quickly as they’d fallen into it. A divorce occurred shortly thereafter.
By the time their child was finally born, Minnie was alone in a new town and so saturated with bitterness that she deliberately gave the small rural hospital a fake name for the child’s birth certificate so that he’d never be able to find her when he grew up. She called herself Marguerite Jean-Baptiste and named the child Chandler. Then she gave him up for adoption.
Afterwards, Minnie relocated to a city that agreed with her newfound personal views on interracial relationships, changed her first name to Uzuri, went back to her maiden name, and swore off all men that weren’t black.
“I can’t believe this!” Inaya said, pacing the floor. “I refuse to believe it.”
“Believe it, because it’s true. When Joe sent me a picture of Chandler and told me what his birth name was, I knew he was the son that I’d given away.” Uzuri held up an old never-seen-before wedding photo of her and Jerry. “He looks like he could be Jerry’s twin. Now you know the real reason I didn’t want y’all dating white men or even light-skinned black men.”
“Lies! All Lies!” Inaya shouted, though she could see the physical similarities between her husband and the man in the picture. “I understand why Joe wants to cause trouble for us. He’s mad with the Edenfield brothers because he thinks they took his women. But you…you just want to get back at me for what happened with Duncan. Fine! You don’t want to be a good mother to me, then don’t be one to me at all. I want you out of my house and out of my life forever, and don’t you ever come back!”
Uzuri jumped to her feet. “I’ll gladly leave your life. Kali’s all the daughter I need anyway.” She huffed and quickly headed for the door.
“Good luck trying to get her to give you a monthly stipend. Unlike my extremely accommodating husband, Neil isn’t about to let $500 leave their household on a regular basis for a non-emergency like you. Especially not with a baby coming,” she flung at her mother’s back.

Uzuri looked back, gave her the evil eye and then exited the front door.
Disregarding the slamming of the door, Inaya made her way to the den where her laptop and Chandler’s personal file cabinet were. Then she spent the rest of the day trying to verify what she’d been told.

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Loving Contrasts - Chapter 19.2

Sated in more ways than one, Inaya went home to take a long soothing bath and a nap. When she pulled up to the house, she saw her mother waiting for her out front. As usual, Uzuri was dressed in something provocative and too young for her age. Today she wore a poppy-colored wrap-style camisole shirt with a pair of tan denim shorts that were too tight and way too short on her voluptuous frame.
Her mother’s long dreadlocks had been recolored a bright auburn brown to hide the abundance of gray roots. Some of the locks were so chemically damaged that they were hanging on by a few threads.
What is she doing here? Inaya’s guard immediately went up as she got out of her car. All of her previous joy shriveled like an un-watered plant. If she knows where I live now, then she must also know…
“Why didn’t you tell me that you’d gotten married?” Uzuri demanded to know. “And to a white man of all people.” She looked her up and down with disdain. “Such a disappointment.”
Honor your parents. Honor your parents, Inaya rehearsed, reminding herself of one of the Ten Commandments – the one that promised long life for obeying it.
“It’s ironic that another white man snitched on you,” Uzuri continued when she didn’t answer. “I always knew Joe Powell was no good. He stalked me on every social media site where I had an account, then inboxed me and told me all your business.”

I guess his apology didn’t mean a thing after all. I guess a man scorned is worse than a woman, Inaya thought, maintaining her silence and her peace as she headed for the front door of the brick house. She was used to people betraying her. Plus, she wasn’t about to help her mother make a scene in front of their neighbors, some of which were already starting to peek out their windows.
“Answer me, girl!” Uzuri demanded, following her to the door.
“I will tell you everything you need to know once we get inside,” Inaya said through clenched teeth.
“You bet you will. And I got a few more things to tell you, too, about this particular white man or rather half-white man that you married,” Uzuri replied indignantly, pulling an old photo from her purse as she followed her inside.

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