Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 21.1

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  1. To all: Hopefully this post answers a lot of your questions about Avalon and fills in some gaps about her relationship with Leesha.

    That's all for tonight/early morning. I'm going to bed early tonight in an effort to reclaim a regular sleeping schedule.


    P.S. - I'll respond to comments when I awaken. My mind is tired. It's been a long day in Suprina's land (work, family drama, etc...) Pray for me.

    P.P.S./P.S.S. - I'm glad so many of you enjoyed that kissing scene. :D

  2. Hey Lady....I like this post definitely answered all the pending questions regarding avalon...
    i'm starting to really feel sorry for caesar... this is going to affect him big time...

  3. WOW!

    Avalon is one smart lady! I really hope that Caesar understands where Subrina is coming from and why she is doing it when he finds out.

    GET SOME REST.............

  4. I like Avalon, smart lady, Caesar may be more understanding than his mom thinks.... get some sleep and rest - so "Suprina's Land" can be happy!!! Prayers out to you!!!

  5. Kim: I'm glad this post cleared up things about Avalon. Yes, this stuff is going to affect Caesar in a big way. By blocking his relationship with Subrina that was his mother's way of trying to protect him in the long run.

    Paula: We'll see how Caesar reacts eventually.

    Ms Jo-Jo: Thanks for the prayers.

  6. Latrice3:56 PM

    Well alrite Avalon! Way to go! I like her style. I'm sure she never expected her son to fall for this particular girl so I can clearly understand why she would want to now protect him considering Subrina will be the one to bring Ricky down along with the P-Ranch. I love the fact that she still hadn't given up on her sister as she stated, maybe they can move to Mexico and start thier life over. Even though she disagrees with the life and the business she runs, she still loves the person enough to not give up. Thanks Suprina! Many times we are ready to give up on people after we've tried to help them on so many levels but as Avalon did, she's trying to help her sister now just in a different way. That's what we have to do as well, find an alternative way. Wow!

    Caeser will definitely be devastated for several reasons but I believe in the end, he will be strong enough and mature enough to push past this and see what's really important!

    I bet Bree never thought about covering that Tattoo or about the fact that Leesha may have actually had a "friend" during that experience. Good to see that part coming out. And wow, Avalon gave her the car,very interesting...wonder what else Avalon did???

  7. Anonymous6:18 PM

    well dam the cat is almost out the bag. so she knows who she is and don't wnated her son hurt that understable but something tells me cesear going to get his way no matter what. thanks for the updated.

  8. Latrice: Great points in your posts as always. I especially liked how you highlighted the necessity of doing what NEEDS to be done for our loved ones even if it initially causes them least that's what I got from what you said. lol.

    Avalon was a true friend to Leesha. She tried to help her every way she could, but Leesha just didn't pursue her way of escape until it was too late.

    Anon: Yep. The cat is officially out of the bag. I believe you might be right about Caesar getting his way. tee-hee.