Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 35.1

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  1. Latrice2:57 PM

    Got to be more careful, this chapter is loaded!

    Avalon- simply said, it doesn't matter what other people think because only what we do for Christ and for the right purposes will last! Who cares who's looking, whose talking, it doesn't matter anyway. People can and will think what they want so we might as well go ahead and do those things we know are right to do! Whew! We can't not let people who are going to talk about us whether we are doing something good, something bad or nothing at all determine the actions we will take. We must have the mindset of Avalon! Great stuff Suprina.

    Oh, I loved that lil daughter in law tidbit. That was truly cute considering she may very end up being just that but I also got Avalon's drift when she said that Bree was simply passing through their lives but don't you know that even when people simply "pass through" our lives, they leave deposits whether good or bad that stay with us for the rest of our lives. Just gotta put it out there, what kind of deposits are we leaving in others?

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    wow ok she got me crying now. that was a sweet moment btween these two. and she doen't have to worry C going to make sure that she her daughter law and make some grand babies. thanks for the udpated.

  3. Latrice: Yeah, this scene was loaded. I had to pause several times while writing it. I'm thrilled that you got so much out of it.

    Trina: You got C pegged right yet again, girl. lol. To know that that scene had you all teary-eyed, too, really warms my heart. Authors like to know when they are affecting readers on that level. *Big Grin*

  4. Suprina... this was such a tender moment post... it pulled on my heart strings.... i absolutely adore the relationship between subrina and avalon...

    @ Latrice, i have to agree with you about the deposits we leave behind... its amazing that we learn so much from others be it consciously or unconsciously!!!

  5. Kim: I love that this post touched you so deeply. Good deal!