Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 41.2

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  1. I got to hand it to you. I need a script of the things this girl just comes up with off the top of her head to combat those doggish recuriters they have. When she told them that she would slap them into next week and then meet them there with a pistol I just about died laughing. I also loved how Caesar PUNCHED THE LITTLE GIRL and how he stuck up for his girl. I can't wait to hear what Blaine has to say and how C responds that will be interesting. I also have a hunch that another love scene is coming am I right I know I am.

  2. Carmel B: LOL!!! Yes, Subrina is quick-witted. She got some zingers for ya. I got that particular zinger from Latrice though. It's one of her popular sayings when extremely aggravated with somebody. I just added the pistol part to make that zinger unique to Subrina's character. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I'm working on the scene between Caesar and Blaine right now. Hopefully I can have it finished in the next hour, barring no interruptions. lol.

    As for another upcoming love scene, mum is the word on that. LOL!

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Ok i love how she handle blaine and victor that she able to keep her job. now on to her and C yeah he made mistake but she shouldn't give up on him and be with him. thanks for the updated.

  4. Latrice4:10 PM

    Work it Bree, work it. The girl is quick on her feet and considering their (Victoria and Blaine's) positions and issues, she knew where to hit home with.

    That was so good to my soul when Blaine just shook his head in defeat. Even though he's going to try something else, he reminds me of the enemy that will NEVER win!

    Can't wait to see what Blaine says to Caeser, Lord don't let him go off again is all I can say. And did anyone catch that Blaine put the blame on Bree saying she MADE C hit Ricky?? A mess, he is!

  5. Trina: Subrina ain't gonna have a choice but to come around. C is a determined little semi-stalker dude. lol.

    Latrice: Blaine's going to shake his head in defeat again before this story is over. And yes, he most definitely placed blame at the wrong person's feet. It's like he absolved Ricky of all wrong, gave C a pass too. Men!