Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 31.2

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    ok love how she out smart that man pay the girls debt and show him he mess with the wrong woman lol. Glad she free and she can be with her man . thanks for the updated

  2. Anon: I liked that Subrina used her brains so proficiently too. And you know I'm glad Suge is free.

  3. Latrice1:03 AM

    Hey Hey this is great! Now what I want to know is what exactly is Subrina going to do with those pictures because I know darn well Suge doesn't really want them. It's going to be interesting.

    Another good lesson I saw, be careful who you accept things from because you never know how they will try to hold them over your head later. Amazing that Blaine was going to try to hold Suge even after Bree dropped those subtle hints to him. Some people will stop at nothing to keep you in bondage, regardless of what they call it, it still is what it is. We must be careful who we entertain, how we do it and why. I'm sure the "gifs" were beautiful but the more important question is was it worth it? Great to see that not only did Bree have the payoff money but some extra anticipating that Blaine would try something. We have to prepare ourselves for the best and the worst. Getting off my soapbox now.

  4. Latrice: Let's just say that those photos will serve double duty. lol

    I personally don't like gifts with strings attached. Those strings are a form of control. People aren't puppets!

    I LOVE your soapboxes. They are always so uplifting. :)