Monday, August 17, 2009

Calling All Readers!

I’m in the process of plotting and writing the rough draft for September’s online story (Big Girls Won’t Cry). In the past some readers have expressed interest in having characters named after them (first names only). I think a few have even said that they wanted their names in this particular story, but alas, I lost my notes on that. :(

No worries though. Here’s another chance to re-state your interest in having a character named after you. Just leave a comment here or email me privately ( and I will put you on the list.

So far I already have names for the hero, heroine, villains #1 - #4, and most of the stable of women (24 in all) at the prostitution ranch where this story will take place. I need male and female names for the hero’s parents, heroine’s parents and grandmother, 3 male bodyguards, heroine’s boss, and about 5 male/female extras.

Thanks in advance for your input. Get ready to have another round of fun in September right here on this blog!


* * *

P.S. M.I.L.F. is now available as a free download at the following link: