Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 44.1

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  1. Nerd Moment: A dolman is a loose garment with narrow sleeves and an opening in the front. You see it a lot among female attire. The sleeves almost remind you of a cape.

    Nerd moment officially over. lol. Going back to do more writing.

  2. Latrice6:46 PM

    First of all im getting that shirt, that's hot.

    Avalon's response made me look twice. I was happy about it, don't get me wrong but I was shocked because I had no idea just how she would respond to that considering what she knows then I read further as she basically started praying for this young couple. Interesting that most of us would have said something other than congratulations knowing what Avalon knew but instead she showed us that everything we see and know doesn't have to be verbalized immediately. Somethings we need to see, know and ponder and pray on. Anyway, saying something wasn't going to sway them anyway, their minds were pretty much made up!

    Just a thought.

  3. Latrice: Good thought(s). And you're so right about how Avalon saying something against their relationship wasn't going to sway them anyway. You know how Caesar is when he wants something. lol.

    On top of that Avalon has already said that she would want Subrina for a daughter-in-law. To suddenly express disapproval would have made the girl feel rejected by her older friend. Avalon did the best thing for everyone involved IMO.

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Gald that she was happy for them mom knew they make a great couple and make each other happy. thanks for the updated.

  5. Trina: I'm pleased with Mama's reaction, too.