Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 33.2

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  1. That's all for today. I look forward to your comments, especially about this post. Those singing little boys had me tearing up one minute and clapping the next.


  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Now i have a craving for fruit lol dam that boy know how to make a woman blush all over lol. i thought was sweet the little boys singing the song and how good C is with them. thanks for the updated.

  3. I was in my English class when I read about the banana and the way he's gonna make love to her the next time and it was getting hot up in there pretty must re-read it again once I get home and those lil boys are awesome...Both Ceasar and Subrina and good hearted individuals.

  4. Trina: I want some fruit, too. Bananas will do just fine. :D I'm glad you liked those boys.

    Subrina: LOL!!!! I feel ya on the heat level. Caesar ain't playing with Bree. The more she resists him, the more he seems to want her.

  5. Latrice7:21 PM

    That fruit scene was funnnnyyyy, i loved that!

    I love how Caeser just seizes every opportunity that is presented to him and even more I loved how he didn't allow his wanting to talk to Bree stop him from giving the children his undivided attention. Sometimes we do have to put what we want on hold, briefly or otherwise, for the greater good of someone else.

    I'm feeling you both Prina and Subrina on the heat level, I was like can I have some ice chips PLEASE lol.

  6. Latrice7:25 PM

    I am straight jumping up and down, those little boys are the absolute can not touch this BUSINESS! Somebody ought to bless the Lord for real in this, I couldn't stay in my seat. THEY GOT IT!!!!

    When my turn for CD release comes, I gotta have them! They are a blessing! I'm going to tell everybody about them.

  7. Latrice: LOL!!! Girl, you tickled me about those ice chips. lol. As for those boys, I was hoping you'd enjoy them. I figured you would since you're a singer, too.

    Yes, please spread the word about those boys. The whole world ought to hear them in my opinion.

  8. ashleigh1:29 AM

    “This is a too-be-continued conversation,”

    Love the story!!! not trying to be picky though but I saw this did you mean to-be?

  9. i couldnt actually watch the youtube video... but this post was really lovely... subrina and caesar are so good together... seriously she should just tell him the truth so that he can help her with this mission!
    my heart does break for him though considering how much he hates lies!
    hmmm girl i'll never look at bananas the same after this post btw! LOL

  10. Ashleigh: That's exactly what I meant. lol. That's what I get for typing too fast. lol. I'm going to change it now. Thanks for looking out for me. :)

  11. Kim: Subrina can't blow her cover and if she was going to blow it to anyone, it would be to Avalon who she suspects already knows about her anyway.

    Can't tell you how that banana scene came about in my mind, but let's just say that it was even funnier in real life. tee-hee.

  12. I know i know she cant, but i've become a worry wart... i'm so worried about caesar's feelings!!!!

    girl... u are too funny for words!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH