Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 23.1

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  1. To all: Short posts ahead alert. These are hot-off-the-press posts, so they won't be very long. As usual, I'll try to make every tiny morsel good though. :)

  2. Latrice9:46 PM

    Bree did again-distracted herself with work to deal with things. I can see how that would be easier for her and on some levels necessary since she was there to do a job other than teach but at some point in life we have to learn that in order to conquer something we must confront it. Yes she was confronting the P Ranch situation head on but personally she has some work. She's just like us as people, somethings we can deal with easily and quickly other things take us sometime and some lessons to deal with. Can't wait to see what Caeser is about to do?????? I'm glad he went after her, I just wonder how long will he continue to go after her.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    wow i 'm first one to leave a review yes lol. wow i so hated that unlce he diguest me can't wait to she take him down thanks for the updated.

  4. lol tiny morsel you say.
    Sub is a good agent picking up those clues.

  5. Latrice: Subrina is not going to have a choice but to confront her personal issues before this story is up.

    Anon: I feel ya about Blaine. I dislike him more than I do Ricky.

    Lilo: Yes, tiny morsel, girl. I'm trying to help Subrina pick up as many clues as possible though she is not perfect and will eventually miss some.

  6. Subrina is very good at her job but she needs to stop hiding her feelings behind it.

  7. Paula: Subrina's actually afraid of showing her feelings or even allowing them to surface. She thinks if she let herself feel too much she will in turn start feeling EVERYTHING and really lose it.