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Pulling Him Back - Ch. 24.1

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Pulling Him Back - Ch. 23.3

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Author Note - Change in Posting Schedule

As many of you know, I’m pursuing my Master’s degree, working a day job, freelance writing, preparing for my 1st grandchild, and trying to have a life in between. With so much on my plate, I constantly found myself struggling with the proper work/life balance. 

After deep thought, prayer, and Godly counsel, I realized that I needed to scale back on a few things in order to maintain the quality of my work and protect the quality of my life as a whole. This will also help me to avoid burnout.

One of many things I decided to do was reduce the number of days that I post on the LIVE story. Thus this Monday (9/10/12) will be the last Monday that I post updates to the story. After that, I will only be posting on 2 days. Those days will be Wednesdays and Fridays.

Thanks for understanding and for reading along with me. Hugs!


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Pulling Him Back - Ch. 2.1

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Pulling Him Back - Ch. 1.4

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Pulling Him Back - Ch. 1.3

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Pulling Him Back - Cast of Characters

Main Characters
(Celebrity lookalikes in italics)
Meak (Reggie Bush):

Racie (Alicia Keys):

Dave (D.B. Woodside):

Jeannae (Essence Atkins):

Mekos (Dennis Haysbert):

Arkady (Jenifer Lewis):

 Secondary Characters:
Rockford (Coby Bell):
Heath “Hop” (Nick Lachey):

Faris (Vanessa Minnillo):

Chartia (Teairra Mari):

Brisa (Charity Shea):

Kyler (Isaiah Washington):

Felecity (Keesha Sharp):

Parnell (Jason Taylor):

Abby (Asdis Ran):

Cleveland “Goo” (Artis Hicks):

Xena (Kellita Smith):

Sasha (Kelly Rowland):

Franklin (Danny Glover):

Bessie (Eartha Kitt):

New LIVE Story!

IT'S OFFICIAL - Pulling Him Back will start on AUGUST 15th on this blog. Hope to see YOU here!


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Another New Release - Sweet Lips

My latest release (Sweet Lips) is available for immediate download on Kindle/Kindle for PC @
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You won’t regret it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

**New Release!**

BIG GIRLZ WON'T CRY has finally been released. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! 

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