Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 15.1

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  1. Latrice11:12 PM

    I really enjoyed reading how looking at Sabrina just sent Ceaser into "slow motion". I was also glad to know that he cared what she would think of him if she caught him lusting over her only if he would have thought that clearly during that bet.

    The pondering that Caeser did was great showing that sometimes we need to look a little deeper into things before we jump to conclusions or make hasty decisions. Sometimes, It aint what you think or what it looks like on the surface.

    Gotta admit Caeser was an upstanding guy because he actually called Ricky to give him his do-over knowing that Ricky only has selfish motives toward Bree. Gotta love this man.

    Great chapter.

  2. " She’d suckled his tongue like a Jolly Rancher"
    "Had him wanting to get in where he fit in…with her."

    Wow Prina! What word pictures those are.

    I know Caesar gave his word about the do over (although for the LIFE of me I have no idea why!) But I am so irritated that he called Ricky!

  3. This is what i was waiting for....i knew it knew it knew it... he's totally lost his mind... hahahahhahaha, Bree has him totally mesmerized!!!! Pity about the bet though:(

  4. Community girl i'm with you the word picture of that tongue action is great - Suprina can I use that line??? I understand how Caesar want to Ricky to hurry up and get knocked down, but for all his trying to think things out - he should have told her the whole truth about how the bet started, who was instigated it Mercedes and then call Ricky with them both knowing what's gonna happen - he not thinking from her point of view - but again men do some stupid stuff and wonder why we mad at them.......

  5. Latrice: Yes, Subrina has a definite affect on that brother...and vice-versa. You're so right about the dangers of jumping to conclusions and about Caesar being an upstanding guy...even when it came to this challenge.

    Comm/Girl: I'm cheesing about you liking those word pictures so much. I hope to produce more of them as we go along. As for Caesar calling Ricky, see what I wrote in response to Latrice above.

    Kim: Yeah, girl. His mind gone. LOL!

    Ms. Jo-Jo: Feel free to use that line at will. Good advice for Caesar. I'm going to have him tell the whole truth about that situation later...after Subrina has a chance to calm down.

  6. Anonymous4:33 PM

    well C don't have to worry she feels him she just can't do something right now and if she wanted to do something with ricky is to haul him off to prison. thanks for the updated.

  7. Anon: Ricky is definitely not destined for Subrina's heart or body.

  8. CEASAR!!! u shd knw better than to make a bet with slimy Ricky...worse still, over a woman u r falling for and in public too!!!FOOL!!!

  9. Waboni: Yes, C was a fool for doing that.