Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 39.2

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  1. Nerd Moment: Alcohol has many negative effects on muscle building. The calories within each drink can also work against any fat loss quest you may be on, which can be yet another incentive to drink moderately.

    Nerd moment officially over. :)

    Coming up next:
    ~ Major confrontations at the P-Ranch.

  2. Whether Ceasar know it or not he practically told Ricky who it was. He did just was Subrina asked him not to do and he really need to control his anger better. Ceasar may get kicked again in the family jewels for spilling their secret. Will Subrina have on pointed toe boots again...rofl.

    P.S I knew the correct word is "lesbian" but I was in ghetto mode at the moment.

  3. Subrina: Ghetto mode acknowledged then. LOL!!!

    And for C, he is about to make things a WHOLE lot worse. Only then will he finally learn how to properly conduct himself (spoiler).

  4. Subrina: I remember those pointed toe boots? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

  5. Latrice1:09 PM

    Sometimes when we don't say anything, we're saying something- A great friend of mine once said this not so long ago, remember Prina.

    This is definitely going to be an almost deal buster for them but somehow it will work out for their good but it's a sure lesson, self control in every area of our lives is so necessary.

    Ricky may not get killed in this book but if he keeps drinking in that manner, he will surely die. Thanks for those alcohol tips. Always good information even for those who don't drink, they can still help someone else with it.

  6. Latrice: Yes, I remember that quote well. I actually got it from Comm/Girl. She said it first and I just embraced that truth and passed it on. :)

    You're welcome about those alcohol tips.

  7. Anonymous11:58 PM

    C just screw himself over big time telling ricky about him and B he should came up with some lie but no he went the other way. Glad to see this updated i get to read great story and my boy cena won the title tonight yes. thanks for the updated.

  8. Trina: Yay!!!!! Cena won the title tonight! Woot!!!

    Thanks for thinking so highly of the story. :D

  9. i'm cracking up Ricky is a sad man, if Caesar don't get his anger under control he gonna have bigger problems - yep not saying something and letting your emotions show instead tells all!!!

  10. Ms Jo-Jo: I agree with you about Ricky. Too sad. Hopefully after all this, C will see the need to control his anger...hopefully.