Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 29.1

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  1. To all: The reason I haven't put a coming up next between this chapter and the last one is because I don't even know what coming up next. LOL!

    I'm literally winging it today as new ideas come to my mind about which direction to take the story in. Especially since it has become imperative to address the Neelam and Suge issue now rather than later. I have to do so in a way that going to get Victoria back to that ranch. Right now she's too PO'd with Blaine to even see his face.

    Thanks for your patience.

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    oh no he got arrested i know that slimy uncle is happy to hear about that but hope S can help him out with that . thanks for the updated.

  3. Trina: Yeah, homeboy got arrested due to slimy uncle. I really can't stand Blaine right now. I can tolerate Ricky better than I can him.

  4. Latrice11:56 PM

    Well we knew something was about to jump off. That level of selfishness and control is outrageous. It's amazing the lengths that people who deal with those spirits will go to. I have seen first hand that this behavior is normally exhibited in people who have no control over thier own lives so they try to make puppets out of everyone else.

    Poor Suge but I knew somehow a deeper friendship might happen between her and Bree.

  5. Latrice: So true about the traits of a control freak.