Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Girls - Ch. 42.4

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  1. That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the 6 posts I left you to feast upon. I look forward to your comments.

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I like that C knock out his teeth hope the next time he kick him in the you know what lol. that nice she did that song for her friend. thanks for the updated.

  3. Trina: tee-hee. I know where you want him kicked. lol. But men don't really do other men like that. Men prefer to go after the upper body.

  4. Trina: I was wrong. I just called my hubby at work and asked him about male fights. He says men will aim for the banana and plums, too, in a fight. It's all about humiliating the other man. Dang! I thought for sure they had some semblance of mercy upon each other.

  5. Ha ha ha, girl i'm laughing when it comes to fighting they trying to humiliate and kill if possible, go for the jewels asap! glad Ricky scared, that would be eerie hearing her favorite song and someone dedicating it to leesha and she suppose to be dead - he gonna do something stupid i'm sure but it won't work in the long run.....

  6. Ms Jo-Jo: I got that confirmation about male fights from someone whose been in a LOT of fights over the years. Fighting was like a sport to my hubby during our teenage years. lol. Yeah, he was a thug back then. Had quite the reputation.

    But I saw beyond all that to the real man inside. Now he puts all that fervor into his job, looking after the family and...other things. tee-hee.

  7. Latrice4:42 PM

    Now we all know scared people make mistakes and i can just imagine what that clown might do on the other hand, he might be too scared. That was hilarious reading his reaction...

    And did Bree really mean to do that or was that a slip up that might cause her some issues down the line???

    You left us to wonder girl but it's all good!

  8. Latrice: Bree really meant to do that. At that low moment in her life, she needed to feel close to her friend somehow. Mary J's song was one way.

    I won't let that song come back to haunt her, although I might let it haunt Ricky (laughing wickedly). LOL!!!

  9. OOh Latrice I was thinking the same, now Ricky gonna be paranoid and nothing is worst than a person in that frame of mind, and he drinks!!! Suprina you got your work cut out --- and big Kudos for all the excellent Research!!!!!

  10. Ms Jo-Jo: You're so right. I got my work cut out for me with Ricky and a few other things that are about to go into the story, new things, unexpected things. Sheesh!

    (blushing) Thanks for commenting about my research. That's my little soft spot. tee-hee.

  11. Coming up next:
    ~Christmas party at the P-Ranch.
    ~Christmas Day bonding.

  12. Subrina is tough. She don't take no crap from anyone. I like about her but sometimes it gets on my nerves. Yes Caesar should keep his fist to himself. Ricky deserve that gives a new meaning I going to knock out your two front teeth if you don't shut up. Damn it can happen.
    Thanks for explaining about Keith Washington that's why.
    I hope Subrina understand and go with her relationship with Caesar. But when it his turn...get on your soapbox Caesar...let her know....

  13. Cinquetta: If Subrina's strength/toughness gets on your nerves sometimes, imagine how Blaine and Ricky feel about her all the time. LOL!

    But seriously though, I made the heroine of this story tougher than all the others because she has more to accomplish than the rest of them. NONE of my other heroines had so many people to liberate, not just physically, but also in their minds. A shrinking vein, not even an Aisha (Enticing Mr. Wrong)would have been up for this job (her temper was too violatile). Only a cool, mostly calm, and collected sista like Subrina could pull this one off.

    So although I'm sad that her strength/toughness gets on your nerves even a little bit, I'm unapologetic about it. Especially when so many big girls are writing me privately and telling me how encouraged they are to 'see' someone like themselves behaving so strong instead of weak and desperate.

    So brace yourself, Cinquetta, Subrina's toughness will continue for a good while longer before she has her actual breaking point. And though she will be greatly humbled, she will emerge even stronger than before (spoiler).